August 22, 2013

My Litte Fashionista: Where I Buy Her Clothes

Jean Jacket: Gap | Top: Sonoma | Skirt: Old Navy | Shoes: Next Direct 
Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Target | Scarf: Forever 21 (mine) | Shoes: Target 
Top: JCPenney | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Old Navy 

If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably already seen these photos. I love dressing Sarah up! (can you tell?) I always end up buying things for her even when I'm supposed to be shopping for myself! So today I'm gonna share the various places I like to shop for Sarah...

Shocker! Target doesn't have a much selection for baby and toddlers but once your kiddo starts fitting into big kid sizes (Sarah can wear XS tops and dresses) you will be thrilled (or in trouble). Target's prices are reasonable, their clothes aren't super expensive but they're not very cheap either unless it's on clearance (I love you little red stickers!). 

I just recently re-discovered JCPenney and let me tell ya, I'M IN LOVE! They have SO many cute things now, it's a totally different JCPenney than the one I used to know! Their new Joe Fresh line is AWESOME! I seriously wanted to buy everything but you know what the best part is? Their clothes are cheap! (price wise not quality) No need for clearance but if you find something on clearance then it's a steal! I got that striped top Sarah is wearing for just $4! We will be back JCPenney, we will be back! 

I put these two together because they're basically family. I love GAP especially the GAP Outlet! We have an outlet about 10 minutes away! I also have an Old Navy nearby. I NEVER buy anything at regular price. I only buy things either on Sale or Clearance in these two stores. 

4. H&M
I first shopped at H&M in Chicago and loved all of the super cute clothes/shoes for kids and was bummed that they didn't have any in TX until about a year ago they opened one in town and sadly I've only been once so far (that's probably a good thing if you ask my husband). H&M has cute clothes and shoes for kids but their sizing is a bit tricky. Sarah can fit into some 1.5-2y shorts and she's wearing 3T-4T right now. 

I LOVE Zara but it's WAY too pricey for me! I did buy a pair of SUPER cute shoes for Sarah on SALE online a couple weeks ago and some shorts for Josh. End of the season sales are the best!

I love Zulily for shoes! You can find some cute styles that you wouldn't find elsewhere for reasonable prices. Their shipping kinda stinks but their shoe prices are cheap so it evens out. I have gotten cute sandals and boots for Sarah and we love em!

I've shopped on Ebay for years now but I just recently discovered IG shops and let me tell ya, I'm hooked! I even opened up my own IG shop selling outgrown clothing just so I can shop some more (sad but true). You can find my IG shop under @cinsarahshop in case you are interested.

I love to shop here for Sarah! I have found some cute stuff but I don't always love their prices especially since you can find new stuff for cheaper sometimes!

Where do you shop for your kids? 

August 20, 2013

What it's like having three kids... so far

Three kids. I never imagined that by age 25 I would have THREE kids. CRAZY!
I'm such a planner. I would always plan things ahead of time. I still do. I planned I would get married at 21 and start having kids at 23. Well things didn't turn out as I had planned and that's good. God's plans for me are WAY better than my own. I got married at 17. Had Joshua when I was 19, Sarah when I was 21 and Levi at 25. 

So what's it like having three kids?
I get this question a lot. I'm no expert, I mean I had Levi just seven months ago but I can share what it's like so far. Having three kids is both easy and hard. Let me explain... 
It's easier in the sense that I feel I know more now than I did when I had Joshua + Sarah. I don't freak out over every single little thing. I know this can be true after you have #2 but for me it wasn't too much easier. A baby girl is sooo much different than a baby boy. It's also easier because Josh + Sarah both help out with throwing diapers away, bringing things I need (like diapers + wipes + diaper cream) and even feeding Levi with a bottle. Josh + Sarah keep each other company and play well (most of the time..) which REALLy helps out when I need to nurse Levi or put him down for a nap.

It's harder because I'm outnumbered. Going out shopping with two kids was a little hard but still doable. Going out with three is crazy! Afternoons and weekends are a little easier because I have help from my husband but when it's just me with all three time sure flies! It can be chaotic sometimes... I'm done feeding one child and then the others want a snack, then the baby needs a diaper change and the other two come in arguing over a toy and now the baby rolled over and there's poo everywhere (true story). It's harder because I can't give each of my kids the same time and attention that I would like because Levi needs me the most. 

Even though having three kids may be hard at times, I wouldn't have it any other way! 
How many kids do you have? 

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August 16, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Features

Thank you so much guys for linking up and joining me! I LOVED going through your posts + finding some awesome new blogs to follow! Today I will be featuring some of your posts. Lets begin with...

Bridget linked up her home exterior. Isn't it beautiful? LOVE that little outdoor bench and flower pot, too cute! You can actually find a FULL TOUR of her gorgeous home here. 

I love April's bedroom! Check out that gorgeous headboard and those pretty floral curtains! You can read her post here.
Are you a Star Wars fan? Then check out this totally cool Star Wars Bedroom that Amy and Amada from Design Sprinkle linked up. 

Therena from Little Bit of Paint linked up her Bathroom Makeover. Love that mirror and rug! Check out the befores and more pictures on her blog here. 


I'm so excited about finding this beautiful blog! Cristina's living room is gorgeous! You can find her post and blog here. 

Loving this simple yet clean and classy dining room that Iris linked up! You can find her full house tour on her blog here. 

Love how REAL Bridget keeps it on her blog! Again you can find her home tour here. 

Hello gorgeous Kitchen! I love kitchens and this one is just beautiful! You need to check out the before! You can find the before and more pictures of this beautiful kitchen makeover here. 

Thanks again for those of you who linked up and participated!
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

August 15, 2013

That Song - That Moment

One thing you may or may not know about me is I love to sing. I love singing and praising my God! I used to make up songs when I was little. I would sing all of the way to church and back (30 min drive). Music has been a HUGE part of my life! There have been countless songs throughout my life that I feel have helped bring me closer to God. Powerful lyrics and messages that have touched me deeply.

Today I want to share just one of those songs with you...
I shared in a previous post about my son Joshua and how he was born with a cleft palate. Those first couple of years of his life were tough. I went through so many emotions. I was sad, worried, scared and most of all upset and maybe even angry. I didn't understand why? Why my son was born with this "problem"? Why us? What did we do wrong?

This song: Your Hands by JJ Heller was such a blessing at that time in my life...
As I sat in the waiting room while Joshua was having palate surgery I remember I had downloaded this song on my MP3 player the day before specifically for the day of Joshua's surgery. I put my headphones on, hit play and and listened to it with tears in my eyes. These words expressed exactly how I felt. I put this song on replay and listened to it the entire time my son was in surgery... 
"When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking 
I never leave your hands"

I felt God's hands holding me. Telling me everything was going to be ok & assuring me that he was in control...

 Is there a song that has touched you and helped you in your spiritual walk?

Linking up with Leah + Amy 

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Oh and if this picture of Levi crying doesn't convince you 
to sponsor me then something is wrong with you! (kidding!....sort of)

August 14, 2013

Levi Asher - Seven Months

Seven Months! Levi turned seven months last week on the seventh. CRAZY! He has only been in our lives for seven months and now it's hard to imagine life without this little boy. 

Let's talk about his hair shall we? That hair! We get comments and compliments everywhere we go it seems:
-"Look at all that hair!" 
-"Wow, It looks like a wig!" 
-"Oh my goodness my little girl/boy was bald at this age!"
I love his hair but this boy needs a haircut now and it's crazy because he's only seven months old. My other two had a lot of hair as well but Joshua didn't get his first haircut until he was about ten months old! This boy needs a haircut like yesterday! 

What's New?
Levi isn't sitting on his own quite yet. He sits and then falls either to his sides or back. He FINALLY got his first tooth this week and he's been a little fussy but really not too bad. Levi has been the easiest baby out of my three kids! He is such a HAPPY baby! Smiles at everything and everyone! I love that! This kid is SUPER STRONG! Like seriously strong! He has the strongest grip, He holds on to something with so much strength it's hard to get his hand to open up sometimes. He also pinches when being carried and it actually hurts! I joke that we should have named him SAMSON because of that hair and strength! I wonder if he'll loose his strength once he gets his first haircut? We will find out soon...


August 13, 2013

AS IS Home Tour Wrap-Up

It was a crazy busy week last week! Lots of picures to take, edit, posts to write and such and it's all done now! Thank you so much to those who linked up! I haven't gone through all of the links but I will go through each of them as I will be featuring some later this week (probably Friday).

Let's recap our home tour week shall we? You can still join and link up your homes until THURSDAY August 15th. So please join in on the fun! Click on the links below to visit each room/post...


Now that the tour is finished it REALLY makes me want to make over a room or two! I would LOVE to do this again next year so I can see how my home has changed. Hopefully this motivates me to get things done around the house! 

August 11, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Kitchen

You can find more info on the AS IS Home Tour here and our schedule here.

Finally my most favorite room in the house: The Kitchen! No, not because I like to cook but because it's the room we have invested our time in the most. The room we took time to plan & choose details. Although it's not COMPLETELY finished it makes me happy to see how far it has come! Let's look at some befores shall we? Now my befores are not all that good and they are not the TRUE befores because this kitchen was pinkish before (yuck!). We painted it white a couple years ago but the paint was peeling and I wasn't happy with it...
and here is our kitchen gutted...
Truthfully I wanted a white kitchen just like all the pretty ones I've seen all over other blogs and pinterest but my husband wanted something darker and then we both agreed on this color and style...
As you can see we are missing a dishwasher and I would LOVE a matching stainless steel stove someday but other than that I am SUPER HAPPY with my kitchen...
You can find more pictures and posts on the process of our kitchen remodel here.

Your turn! I'd love to see your kitchen AS IS or even Finished! THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who's been participating! I will be featuring some of your posts in the next coming days! You still have until AUGUST 15 to link up to any of the linky parties from this past week.

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August 10, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Laundry/Closets

You can find more info on the AS IS Home Tour here and our schedule here.

I only have TWO pictures to show for today as I have written posts on these rooms before. OK I totally forgot to take pics of these so I'm using old ones. SORRY friends! So here is our Laundry Room...
You can find the post on this room here.

and here is our Hallway Coat Closet...
You can find the post for this closet here.

Your turn! Please link up any posts about your laundry room & closets. I can't wait to show you the final room in our home! It's the one we worked hard on all last year and although it's not 100% done I'm totally in love with it! Our kitchen up on my blog tomorrow!!! 

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August 9, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Dining Room

You can find more info on the AS IS Home Tour here and our schedule here.

Our Dining Room is not that big. It's got a weird separating half wall between it and the living room which is where my husband built those awesome shelves. 
Our son Joshua loves music so we purchased this keyboard for him. He took a couple piano lessons and I'm not saying this just because he's my son but he's actually really good for a six year old. 
I'm not totally in love with our dining room but I don't hate it either. Your turn to link up and show me your dining room!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have been following me along on this home tour and to those who have linked up: YOU ARE AWESOME! :) Don't forget to link up if you haven't! I will be featuring your posts next week on my blog! Linky parties are open until August 15th so you have some time to write up some posts and link up!  

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