June 29, 2012

Nursery Plans

    Our home is a three bedroom home so now that we have a baby on the way, someone will have to share their room with the baby. Since my son is almost 6 and his room is pretty small, we decided the baby will share with my daughter regardless of the baby's sex. To look back and see what my daughter's room currently looks like click here. Here are some changes I'm panning....
   We will basically move my daughter's bed over to the other wall and have the crib be where my daughter's crib used to be when she shared a room with her big brother. I purposely chose a neutral wall color for her room thinking maybe one day we would have a third child and having a neutral wall color would be the ideal so we wouldn't have to paint again! If this baby is a girl then the current color scheme will still work...
    ..but if this baby is a boy (which I have a strong feeling it will be) we will have to make some color changes. I have put together a design board for this room if it is a boy. I don't have one for a girl because it would basically be the same colors just some minor changes. I will post the design board next week! I have a super strong feeling we are having a boy but still need confirmation to begin shopping! We even have a boy named picked out already! I guess we will know for sure in August! 

June 27, 2012

Hello, Remember Me?

   Where have I been? Well time sure flies! This Saturday I will be 12 weeks pregnant which means I am over my first trimester! woo hoo! I'm so happy to be over the nausea and tiredness. I have been a little over a week without nausea now and it feels so good. I had an appointment last week and everything looks great! We will find out the sex of the baby in August. I can't wait!

   So where have I been? Well, we took a family trip down to the beach last week and since by hubby had all last week off we took advantage and spent some quality family time together. Like visiting the park...

   I've also been updating my blog design & my business site too. Did you notice? Well now that I have my energy back I want to do a couple craft projects I've been wanting to do. I will also be starting on the nursery, which will be a shared nursery with my daughter, as soon as we find out the sex of the baby. I hope to be blogging a little more regularly like I used to! For those of you who have been following me along... THANKS SO MUCH! I have been getting a couple e-mails from people who have been using my blogger tutorials! I'm so glad they have been helpful! I will be sharing another free printable soon so keep an eye out! 

June 15, 2012

June Birchbox

I LOVE this Month's Birchbox! Ok I say that every month! Still don't know what Birchbox is?
It's a $10/month subscription to high end beauty products such as the ones you see here.
To view more of my Birchbox goodies click here. To subscribe to Birchbox click here. 
Here are the goodies I received this month:

1. Masqueology / Pore Minimizing Mask
2. tili / bags
3. theBalm cosmetics / Stainiac in Beauty Queen 
4. Comodynes / Self-Tanning Intensive
5. stila / one step bronzer
6. John Varvatos / Star USA

I posted a picture on instagram yesterday of myself using the mask:

I know I look so HOT don't I? LOL
The mask was so refreshing! I loved it! 
What did you receive this month?

June 13, 2012

Pregnancy Nausea & Cravings

   Since I haven't written a post in a while I thought I would update ya'll by sharing some things about this pregnancy using instagram photos (because no one likes posts without pictures right?) BTW If you miss my posts and wonder where I've been or what I'm up to, you should follow me on instagram! I have been doing the photo a day challenge and so I post a picture almost everyday! :) My username is Cinsarah.

   Nausea Stinks! So I've been getting night sickness or more like all day sickness but it's worse at night! I thought I was over it a few weeks ago but it just came back and it came back with a vengeance! So one night I decide to get up and try to drink/eat something to help make the nausea go away. I was looking for the chamomile tea and noticed we didn't have any so I boiled some water, squeezed a lemon, added some honey and it helped so much!! You want to know what I can't stand right now? MEAT! But not just meat, I cannot eat anything grilled or smoked! It makes me so sick! It really stinks because summers are meant for grilling outside and such but nope! I can't stand the smell of anything on the grill!

   The one week I had no nausea whatsoever was awesome! I craved everything my friends on facebook would post. So one day I see a friend posted a picture of her homemade green chile enchiladas and it was all I could think about for the next two days! Well my hubby went out at 10pm to buy some for me and they were the most delicious enchiladas I have ever had! Too bad I'm back to feeling sick again! I seriously can't wait for my second trimester. I am so tired of being sick and tired. I think it feels even worse this third time because not only do I feel sick and tired but I have two kiddos to take care of, laundry to do, dinner to cook & a house to clean! I sometimes freak out and wonder if I'm even ready for another baby! I don't think anyone ever is but I will do my best with God's help! I am super excited though! I can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I feel like we are having a boy but we will see in a couple months! :)

June 4, 2012

How I told My Husband I'm Pregnant...

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your sweet comments & congratulations!  We are super excited for baby #3! I am super thankful for the wonderful blessing God has given us of a third baby! I am not gonna lie, I am super scared because at times it can be very overwhelming with two kids but I am overall excited and thankful! :) 
So this is how we shared the news with my hubby. Yes I said WE meaning I told my kiddos first so we could plan something together. I had a feeling I was pregnant after I got sick all of a sudden one week and my stomach just felt weird. I didn't feel like eating anything! All I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep all day! A week later I took a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive! I told my son first and he was so excited because we had been praying for a baby for a while now. I was not creative at all the last two times I was pregnant but this time I wanted to tell my husband in a special way so as I was googling different ways to share the news I came up with my own! I told my son we would place the pregnancy test in a box and close it up and pretend like we ordered something from Ebay as a present for Dad. It would be easy for him to believe because we randomly get packages in the mail from things I buy on Ebay! :) So We took a priority mail box, some easter grass I got on sale when I was buying candy for my daughter's birthday and placed the pregnancy test in a baggy with a little note....

I made a fake shipping label on Photoshop and taped up the box to make it look more real...

...and that's how my hubby found out!
He got home that day shook the box and said "there's nothing in here!" lol
As soon as he opened the box and found the test at the bottom he was smiling and laughing! :)
I have been feeling better but still nauseous and tired! 
The baby will be sharing a room with our daughter so that room that we just finished a couple months ago will be getting some changes in a couple months! :)