September 23, 2015

Master Bedroom Details

First of all THANK YOU ALL so much for your sweet comments on our master bedroom! In case you missed it, you can find our master bedroom reveal here. Today I am sharing all of the sources of our bedroom. 

ONE // The wall color is the same throughout the house. We decided to do something light because it makes everything looks so much brighter and cleaner and since we did dark floors I wanted that contrast. We chose Tear Drop from Pittsburg Paints. It's a very soft almost white gray. 

TWO // Our floors are also ones we chose for almost our entire house. They are wood grain tile. We LOVE our floors, they look great and we don't have to worry about spills or scratches. We purchased them at Home Depot: MARAZZI-Montagna-Saddle

THREE // I spoke more about our awesome HUNTER fans on this post. We love our fans! The Windemere fan is modern and clean and just goes perfectly with our new master bedroom.

FOUR // Ah our bed! LOVE our bed! We purchased our bed from West Elm using a coupon we received in the mail when we first moved in. It is absolutely gorgeous in person and I finally feel like a grown up sleeping in an actual bed and not a mattress on box springs.

FIVE // Levi is currently in our bedroom. We turned his crib into a toddler bed. We plan on moving him to Joshua's room eventually so I will have to find a way to use up this space once he moves in with Josh. His crib is this one from IKEA. 

SIX // Our curtains are from West Elm. They were on sale and we needed quite a few panels for our entire bedroom so we went with these and they just blend in nicely with everything else.

SEVEN // We received this beautiful african gazelle print courtesy of Minted. I loved it ever since I saw it on their website. I purchased the frame from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. 

EIGHT // I made this pillow cover using fabric I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I bought the insert from IKEA.

NINE // These pillows are from TJ Maxx. 

TEN // This art is a DIY that I shared on the blog here

ELEVEN // Our bedding is from IKEA. It is a duvet set. I purchased the insert at Target. 

TWELVE  // This mid century nightstand came as a set along with the dresser and we purchased them off of a lady on craigslist.

THIRTEEN // Since we only had one nightstand we needed another so I decided to try the whole mix matched nightstand thing and I purchased this one from Target. 

FOURTEEN // This is a DIY I shared on my blog here

FIFTEEN // These are all thrifted items. I shared a little more about the globe on my instagram. You can find my thrifted finds using #cinsarahthrifted on instagram. 

SIXTEEN // I purchased this plant at Home Depot and I couldn't find a cute planter for it so I grabbed the kids bathroom trash can and it was the perfect match.

SEVENTEEN // This is a craigslist find. It was my birthday present from my husband :)

EIGHTEEN // The chair is an old goodwill find and the pillow cover is another DIY I shared on my blog here

NINETEEN // These frames are from Target and the artwork is another DIY you can find here

TWENTY // This desk is made out of boards from our old dining table and the legs are from IKEA

TWENTY-ONE // This chair I found at Ross.

TWENTY-TWO //  This lamp is a Target clearance find.

TWENTY-THREE // My MOST FAVORITE DIY is this! My husband built this bookshelf inspired by West Elm and you can find the post here

Thank you all again! If I missed anything feel free to leave me a comment. Our next remodel is our kitchen!! So excited to get started on that one and to share our progress with you. Follow me on instagram to keep up to date and watch our progress. 

September 21, 2015

Master Bedroom Reveal

Finally our last bedroom reveal in our new home. This is one we put the most work and money into because it is a big room with tons of space and a little office nook to the side. We love our new large master bedroom and vaulted ceilings. The ceilings and our new Hunter fan were just meant to be. I only want to share before and after photos today and I will have another follow up post with all of the details later this week because that will take some time to put together and all I want right now is to show you the results. I'm pretty sure that's what you want to see too. So here are the before and afters!
The BIGGEST changes in our room are the ceiling, floors, and walls. We had all of our popcorn removed from the ceilings, retextured ceilings and walls, and got new wood grain tile flooring. Levi is currently in our room but we plan to move him in with Josh soon. 
I love that we have this space next to our bedroom which we have turned into our office nook. As you can see we've still got a couple minor details to finish like wall plugs and the closet doors but all in good time.
and here are a few more photos...a
Make sure to check back later this week for a more detailed post with sources. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will reply either below your comment or on my next post.

September 17, 2015

DIY West Elm Inspired Ladder Bookshelf

 Here is our last DIY for our master bedroom. It is my favorite because my husband built it. We had this empty wall in our office nook that I knew I wanted shelving in. It is right next to my desk and was just a dumping ground for stuff like my sewing machine and crafting leftovers.
I looked online for shelves to buy but didn't find anything affordable and I didn't even think to ask my husband to build some because he already has a lot going on but when I mentioned I was just going to buy some cheap IKEA shelves, he told me he would build me some. We both searched online and then I saw West Elm post this photo on instagram...
I showed it to Omar and he told me he could build something like this for me so we drew a rough draft and measured our wall and compared it to west elm's version. We decided to make ours a bit taller and wider. Here are our original plans. I don't really have a full tutorial for you all but I'm gonna share as many details as possible in case you want to build these yourself. Here are our plans...
Our shelves ended up being 60in wide and 70in tall. Hope the picture explains itself, if not please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail. We used pine wood: 1x12 for the shelves and 1x3 for the ladder or the long ends in the the front and back. Mu husband cut the tops, bottoms and notches (which I will explain a little more below) to a 10 degree angle.
First he measured everything and cut our boards to the length we would need them. Instead of having ladder boards like west elm to hold every shelf my husband built little notches where the shelves could fit into. He used his miter saw and cut about 1/4in into the boards at the same 10 degree angle as the bottom and tops. 
When we assembled them he used his wooden mallet to get them into place and then he nailed the whole thing down. Before assembly he sanded and stained all of the shelves with Minwax® Special Walnut 224 Stain and then I painted the ladder (front and back sections) parts BEHR Graphic Charcoal in a satin finish. Love our new shelves! They fit perfectly along the wall in our office nook.
Here's a comparison of West Elm's shelves and our DIY version. Not exactly alike but at a fraction of the cost and the fact that my husband built them makes ours 100 times better for me ;)
I will be posting our master bedroom reveal next week! 
Let me know if you decide to try to build these yourself. They aren't too difficult to make. 

September 16, 2015

DIY Modern Brush Art

Here is a super fun and easy DIY I did for our master bedroom yesterday. Our dresser came with a mirror but I didn't like it so much so I kept thinking of what to put instead. I got this large frame from a friend a couple weeks ago. It was a dark red-ish brown color but it was the perfect size! So I spray painted it using Krylon Gold. I wanted to purchase art for it but everything this large was way too pricey so I thought I would DIY it. I bought a piece of foam core board at HEB (out of all places!) and used the paint we are currently using for our bookcase which is Graphic Charcoal by BEHR. I got my inspiration from other bloggers on pinterest who DIY their version of West Elm's sold out art. 
I didn't want mine as crazy so I made it look a little less messy by having all of my stripes go horizontal. I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous about messing this up but I loved how it turned out and it cost less than $5 to make because of the frame and paint I already had.
I love our new wall art especially because I made it and it doesn't look bad. Can't wait to show you guys our next DIY project and then our complete bedroom reveal! Stay Tuned!

September 2, 2015

DIY Gold Frame & Free Printable

 Here is another DIY project I did for our master bedroom. It is almost complete! We just have a project that my husband and I will be working on this Labor Day weekend and some finishing touches and I will share the reveal on the blog hopefully by the end of next week. This was a super easy project using a thrift store find. I found this frame at my local goodwill for just $2.99
I love how simple it is and that it already included the matting. I didn't love the colors so I painted the frame gold and painted the matting white. I wanted a watercolor type of art for it so I decided to finally give the Waterlouge app a try. I took a photo of this little faux succulent decor I got on clearance at Target a while back and turned it into something I could print and frame.
Here is what Waterlouge turned my picture into...
 You are welcome to save that onto your desktop to use. I believe it is 5x7. Just click on the art above and save to your desktop to print. I love my new cheap and easy art!
Can't wait to show you guys our bedroom! :)