January 28, 2013

Levi Asher's Birth Story

   As many of you know Levi is our third baby so I thought this labor would be faster. I was wrong! My water broke with my first son and I was in labor for about 12 hours. I don't even remember how long I was in labor with my daughter because the pains began a whole day before she was born and then they stopped. This labor was a combination of my other two...

   I had been having lots of pressure and minor braxton hicks the week before Levi was born. We kept hoping he would be born that week since my son was going back to school that Monday (the 7th) and my in-laws had to go back home after being here for two weeks waiting for Levi to be born. On Saturday the 5th I woke up at around 5am with what I thought were contractions. They were about 5 minutes apart and lasted for about 3 hours and then they went away. We were so ready! I ALMOST went to the hospital but remembered my past experience with my daughter where I was sent home for false labor and decided to wait it out to see if they would become stronger and I'm glad I did because the contractions stopped. I had lots of pressure that afternoon but no more contractions. I woke up Sunday morning a bit bummed out because I knew my in laws would be leaving, my son was going back to school the next day and my husband back to work. I began preparing lunch for both my husband and son for Monday and then I received a text at about 8:40pm from my mom asking if I was ok. I told her I was getting ready to go to sleep and that I would text her if anything happened. Well around 9:00pm the contractions started up again. I didn't even get my hopes up this time but decided to walk around to see if they would become stronger. Sure enough they did! I woke my husband up and asked him to call my mom. She arrived about 25 mins later and we were off to the hospital...

   We arrived at the hospital around 10:30pm, they checked me and told me I was still just 1cm dialated and that they would check me again in about 2 hours and if there was no progress I would be sent home. I kept praying for my water to break so we would be admitted because I didn't want to go home. Meanwhile the contractions were getting stronger. At around 12:00am I got up to use the restroom and on the way back my water broke! The contractions kept getting stronger and stronger. I was asked if I wanted the epidural and I said no because I could manage them just fine at that point. I was trying to sleep in between contractions because obviously I hadn't slept since the night before. I was exhausted but I kept breathing through my contractions until about 7:00am when my OB came and checked me and said I was about 7cm. I still had some of my bag of water that had to be broken so I knew as soon as they would break my water things would not only speed up but they would REALLY hurt. By around 8:30am I couldn't take it any longer. The contractions were about 2 mins apart and they were super painful but not only that I was EXHAUSTED! I hadn't slept ALL night and the contractions were just draining me. I decided to get the epidural and ended up getting it at around 9:30am. They broke my water and about 30 mins later I was getting the urge to push. They checked me and sure enough I was 10cm and ready to push. We waited for my OB to arrive, I pushed through 3-4 contractions and Levi was born at 10:59am! He looked JUST like his big sister Sarah! 

    I am very thankful for my healthy baby boy! I can't believe he is finally here! God is Good!

January 18, 2013

Levi Asher

   This is Levi's birth announcement. I haven't had time to type up his birth story yet so I will work on that for another post and include other pictures from his newborn photoshoot. If you don't already follow me on instagram and you want to see more pictures of Levi then make sure to follow me! Username: Cinsarah. I post pictures up on instagram often so if you don't see posts on here and wonder what I'm up to, you can always check my instagram! :)

January 14, 2013

He's finally here...

Levi was born Monday January 07, 2013
     I am VERY thankful! Everything went smoothly and he is just perfectly healthy which is my #1 concern. He is one week old today! Time is flying by and I'm just trying to enjoy him being so tiny right now because they sure do grow fast! I will try post Levi's birth announcement and labor story soon! I am not going back to work on designs until late february/early march so my posts on here will be few for a while but I do have some awesome home projects to share with you so make sure to stay tuned! Thank you all so much for following me! I just noticed I reached 500 GFC followers!! YAY!! THANK YOU! 

....I'm off to feed Levi now! 

January 4, 2013

Still Pregnant & A New Project

   Yes I am still pregnant! I turn 39 weeks tomorrow and have been having minor contractions but that is it. I am exhausted and I just want this baby to be born before my son starts school on Monday. It's sort of a good thing he's still not here because this week has been crazy with my hubby & I getting sick and then my daughter getting a sinus infection. Thankfully everyone is doing much better and now I feel we are REALLY ready for Levi but it seems he isn't ready for us... 

So while we wait, my husband decided to start on a project he has been thinking about for a couple months now. He shared this idea with me a while back and honestly I thought it wouldn't look good, mostly because I couldn't picture it but the project is 50% done now! I think it's going to look awesome! Here is a picture I had posted before of the living room and the plans are for that weird separating wall thing in between the living room and dinning room (please excuse the ugly photo!)...
Here are the plans my husband drew out...
 and here are the pictures of the plans in action...
I can't wait to show you all the end results.
My husband is working on the shelving as I am typing this. We might just finish them before Levi comes since he seems to not want to make an appearance anytime soon! lol The only thing we would need after the shelving is done is a new tv for the new shelving which we are planning to buy soon.

January 1, 2013

Favorite Projects of 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!
Obvisouly I didn't do many projects this past year partly because I was pregnant (still am) most of the year and the other because two of my favorites this year were entire rooms. Well the same room made over twice. Here are my favorites from 2012....

Our Living Room & Dinning Room are two rooms I am planning on re-doing
 this year and I will probably post our kitchen reveal too even though it's not 100% done. 
What projects are you planning for 2013?