October 17, 2012

DIY Burp Cloths

    I finally made something crafty! Burp Cloths, yay! I had forgotten how much I really love to sew! I literally had to dust my sewing machine off to make these. I used this awesome tutorial from Jones Design Company, It was so easy to follow! I used Organic Cotton Fabric for the front and Organic Cotton Fleece for the other side for absorbency. I bought my fabrics off of Etsy. I'm super happy with the outcome! I'm very proud of myself! I have just a couple tips for you if you will be using the same tutorial I used. My burp cloths are 10x16 same as the tutorial and I think that is a perfect size. With a quarter yard of fabric you can make two burp cloths.
Here is what I used to make my burp cloths. I made 3 but have enough fabric to make 3 more! :)
- A sewing machine of course! Threaded and ready to go. It doesn't need to be fancy! I have the Singer Simple that I received as a present last year.
- Fabric Scissors
- Quarter Yard of Pattern or Solid Fabric (This will make two burp cloths). I used an organic cotton print fabric.
- Quarter Yard of Soft/Absorbent Fabric (I used Organic Cotton Fleece, smooth side out to avoid piling)
- Tape Measurer (to measure your fabric and cut into 10x16)
That's it!

Make sure to trim off any excess fabric after sewing your burp cloth to avoid any bunching on the edges when flipping inside out.

Make sure to leave a big enough opening on one side so you can turn it inside out without a struggle. I learned that with my first burp cloth but was still able to flip it over...

After turning your fabric inside out you will want to iron it so that it makes it easier for you to sew the top stitch and you have no bunching on the edges, especially the corners.
I had so much fun making these burp cloths! I want to make a million more! I'm even considering opening up an etsy shop to sell burp cloths and anything else that is crafty, I will have to make a good amount of them first before I open up so it won't be anytime soon! Meanwhile I will be making more for baby Levi :)


  1. oh how gorgeous! i love the colors that you picked!

  2. Good job! I love to sew too. I'm trying out new burp cloth patterns this week so your post was great timing for me. Saw you at Shabby Creek Cottage link party. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Casandra! I am a beginner but I love sewing!

  3. I Love Love your colors... can you tell me where on Etsy you purchased them? I would love the same colors/fabric. Thanks so much =)


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