May 19, 2015

Our Kitchen Remodel Plans

Our kitchen layout is one I've always wanted. I have always wanted a kitchen island and having the stove and range hood in the island just makes things even better. Other than that our kitchen is is very outdated. The cabinets are orangey and they smell old. Our counters are tile and our backsplash is some ugly green plastic. We changed a couple things like flooring, popcorn ceilings removed, and updated lighting but we didn't plan on remodeling it until maybe next year. Here is what our kitchen looks like now.  
The flooring and lighting make a big difference, don't they? We removed the old vent hood and I have our new one in the garage along with our new stove top but we haven't had time to install yet. Here is another before shot...
and a currently...
We do plan on keeping the stone wall as is. It is one of my favorite features about this kitchen. You don't find those in new homes anymore. I am both excited and nervous because as you all remember we've already been through one kitchen remodel before with our first home and it was chaotic. I remember having to wash dishes in our bathtub. I'm not looking forward to that but I'm keeping my mind on the outcome because that is what makes the craziness so worth it. 

In our first kitchen we chose maple shaker style cabinets, matching granite countertops, and a tan subway travertine tile. 
I loved our kitchen but I also love white kitchens and I told Omar that if we ever moved our next kitchen would be white. So we are planning on getting white shaker style cabinets with a blue/gray island. Here is my inspiration kitchen (found on pinterest of course). I love it so much, I think I pinned it twice.
I think the white cabinets will make the kitchen look so much brighter. The current cabinets compete with our dark floors and just make everything look dark and dingy. For our backsplash, I really want to do a white subway tile with gray grout. 
 A stainless farmhouse sink so it can stand out from all of the white.
and white/gray granite for our countertops.
I'd also like to extend our island to create a little bar for more sitting/eating area. We are having my husband's cousins (they created our cabinets in our first home) create our new cabinets. They are coming to measure and then we can get rolling on the kitchen remodel. I will be posting updates on instagram so make sure to follow so you can see our progress. 


May 18, 2015

Pizza To The Rescue - Tony's Pizza

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and TONY’S® Pizza, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BigPizzeriaTaste

As you all know we just recently moved in to our new home about three weeks ago. It's been chaotic moving with the kiddos, especially with one of them being a toddler. With all of the work to be done around the house, I haven't been cooking much. I actually like to cook, especially when trying new recipes but lately I've had not time or energy to do it. So the other day I picked up some TONY’S® Pizza at Wal-mart and decided to take a break from unpacking and organizing to just enjoy some good quality family time and have a pizza night. I even made brownies and popped some popcorn. I've never seen my kids more excited about dinner!
I remember eating Tony's pizza growing up but I really hadn't had it since. I do remember it being smaller which basically meant one pizza per person in our home. I was pleasantly surprised to find Tony's pizza to be 30% larger now and it's made with real cheese and sauce from real tomatoes. It is both inexpensive and yummy! We all loved it! For less than $7 (two pizzas) our complete family of five ate! Who doesn't love that? Especially when eating out is so expensive nowadays. I've got a tip for those of you who don't own a pizza cutter (I still haven't found mine): I just used kitchen scissors to cut the pizza, so easy! I don't think I'll ever need a pizza cutter again.
We all loved Tony's pizza so much, I ended up buying more later that week and we had another pizza night. I think we will make this a weekly thing, the kids love it and I get to take a break from cooking and just enjoy spending time with my family. Little man is usually a picky eater but not when it comes to pizza.
I'd love for you to try Tony's pizza for yourself! There's an awesome Wal-mart coupon for Tony's pizza right now. You can SAVE $.75 off of any TWO (2) Tony’s Pizza (14.14 oz. or larger). That is a GREAT deal considering Tony's pizza is already inexpensive! The Walmart digital coupon is available until 6/30/15. So make sure to print it out and plan a pizza night with your family!

May 8, 2015

The Story of our Second Home

On a previous post I had someone ask me about how we came about finding this home. That is a very good question and one I decided to answer in a complete blog post because I want to document this and look back and read it to remind myself how good our God is!

We weren't really planning to sell our first home. We wanted to buy a second home and rent our first home so we were looking at homes that were fairly inexpensive and just a tad bit bigger in size. We began the search and went to look at a couple homes in the same area (near our first home) but nothing really stood out. I've always loved homes in the town that we are living in now (our new home) just by seeing them on my realtor app but it wasn't until we drove around here that we fell in love with the town with it's huge trees and good sized lots. We actually found a house we loved at a price we could afford and we put an offer in and got the process going and then things didn't end up working out with that house. I was super bummed! We decided maybe it wasn't the time for us to move just yet and we stopped looking for a couple days.

Then one day Omar asks me if I want to go for a drive to look at another house. Omar had this house (our new house) saved on his realtor app but we never thought anything of it because it was way out of our price range and the only way we could maybe possibly afford it is if we sold our current house. This house was for sale by owner and was on the market for a while. Well he decided we should go drive by and see it, just to see what it looked like in person. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I didn't really want to go but went anyway. As soon as we entered the neighborhood I fell in love, it felt like we were so far away from everything yet everything was so close by. We drove by some beautiful homes each sitting on 2-3 acres and then we parked in front of this one. Of course I thought it was beautiful but again I didn't want to get my hopes up. As we were driving away Omar decided to call the owner and we were able to see it that weekend. I remember walking through the house that day, we saw tons of potential. It had the exact layout we've been wanting and the big yard we always dreamed of but the only thing holding us back was the price. As Omar and I walked around the back yard....
he said "I really like it, do you like it?" 
I said "yes of course I do, but it's too expensive"
he said "let's pray."
There in the back yard holding hands, we bowed our heads and prayed.

Everything after that went smoother than we ever imagined. The owner brought down the price of the home and was willing to wait for us to sell our home. Everything just fell right into place. Not only that but we felt so much peace throughout the process. Something we didn't feel with the first home we were looking to purchase. With that home we felt like we were forcing it and in the end it didn't even work out. It was completely different with this home. Not only was the buying process smooth but the selling of our first home as well. We feel extremely thankful and overwhelmed with God's goodness!

Our plans were not God's plans and I am thankful for that because His plans were much better and greater for us than we imagined! Thank you Lord!