January 21, 2016

Levi's Super Mario Birthday Party

My blog has been pretty quiet for a while now. I apologize for that. I want to strive to blog a lot more frequently this year as I have done in the past. Especially since we are going to be working on our kitchen soon and I want to be sure to document every detail. But today I want to share some of the details from Levi's Super Mario Birthday Party which was a couple weeks ago. Please excuse some of the grainy photos, some are from my camera but many are from my iphone. 

Levi turned three on the seventh of January and he actually chose the theme for his birthday party. He likes to watch his big brother play Mario, so that is how the theme came about. My sisters and I had a lot of fun working on his party. This is the first BIG party we throw and maybe even the last haha. Parties are a lot of work and if I didn't have my sisters helping me I wouldn't have done it. Let's begin with some of the details I shared on instagram...
The invitations where something I pinned. I got my inspiration from this pin. Actually most of our decor and ideas all came from pins on Pinterest. My sisters and I created a board months before the party and began pinning ideas left and right. These invitations took a while to make but they turned out super cute!
I designed and printed these coloring books as party favors for all of the kids at the party. I just opened up an etsy shop so I'm thinking I will post these printables for sale for those who are interested. I will post a link on here once I do. 
These bubbles are from the dollar store, the tray is from Target's dollar spot and the labels are just avery labels. I was planning on printing them but I ran out of ink so I took a red marker and hand drew the Mario logo on them.
Good ole poster board is what I used for this.
My sister's friend made the SUPER AWESOME cake! It turned out beautifully and it tasted just as good as it looks! The Mario Juice is just Hawaiian Punch and the Luigi Juice is a Green Watermelon Juice I found, I think it was Snapple Brand.
These little goomba cups were made with white out and sharpies. Loved how these looked! We just spooned some chocolate pudding into the cups.
The Super Star Krispies were supposed to be pops but I actually liked them this way better. They're topped with white chocolate with yellow food coloring. The eyes are just black icing.
Levi LOVED his party! He had so much fun! My sister had the Mario theme song on and he did a little dance for all of our guests. The party was a lot of work but VERY WORTH IT when we saw how happy Levi was throughout the party.