October 30, 2012

Simply Livly Review/Giveaway

I'm VERY excited today because I have an awesome GIVEAWAY for you guys from...
I have a new obsession with pretty necklaces lately so I have been on Etsy browsing through and as I was browsing I found Simply Livly and fell in LOVE with their gorgeous necklaces and I knew you guys would too so I contacted Pam (the owner & talented creator) and she happily agreed to a review/giveaway! Here are a couple of my favorites from her shop...
I received the Icy Grey Briolettes Necklace last week and it's just as gorgeous as I imagined...
It is very well made! The grey cotton jersey makes this necklace casual & comfy and the beads are super gorgeous and fancy looking. It's the perfect necklace that you can either wear on a casual day or as a perfect finishing statement when dressed up! This necklace really proves their tagline of: modern, stylish & comfortable necklace! I LOVE my new necklace! NOW GUESS WHAT?!!
You have a chance to win this necklace too!!
Giveaway ends 11/07/12

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October 26, 2012

Favorites Friday 10/26/12

Favorites Friday is back! I love featuring other bloggers and I love sharing a couple of my favorite things so why not? I will try to keep up with it this time! Today's Favorites Friday has to do with baby stuff! Why? because it's ALL I can think of at the moment seeing as I will give birth to baby #3 in a couple more months. SO let's begin...
1. Cardigan Onesies
How cute are these?! I HAVE to make some! Cassie from Diesel in Bloom made these super cute onesies using another blogger's tutorial. I love her tutorial because she uses binding tape to make these which makes it easier to sew and create the fun pop of color trim on these onesies. 
You can find Cassie's tutorial here.

2. Fresh White Nursery
I love this beautiful nursery! It's simple and gender neutral! It's perfect! You can find more pictures and info of this nursery at Apartment Therapy

3. Minky Baby Blanket
I found this Minky Baby Blanket tutorial over at How Does She? 
I would love to sew a baby blanket this cute for Baby Levi!

That's it for this Friday! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will be back next week with an awesome giveaway so make sure to check back next week! 

October 25, 2012

Facebook Fan Giveaway!

In case you missed it: I have an AWESOME giveaway going on right now over at my Blessed Design Studio Facebook Page! There will be 3 winners! CLICK HERE to enter.


October 23, 2012

What to Pack for The Hospital

As you may already know (from my about me page) I am a planner! I like to plan ahead and so I decided to create a list of things I will need to pack for the hospital for both Levi & I. I hope this comes in handy for those of you expecting as well. This is my third child so you can say I have some experience! lol Here are the must-have items to pack for the hospital from my experience...
1. Car Seat- Of course this is a must have because you can't leave the hospital unless you have a car seat for your baby. In the hospital I deliver they make sure you know how to install it and secure it as well. The nurses can help but they prefer to just see how you you do it and check if it's the correct way. I always leave this up to my hubby! :)
2. Diaper Bag- You will need a diaper bag to pack it with the following items...
3. Diapers & Wipes- The hospital usually gives you a good amount of diapers and wipes for your first week or two but you might want to pack some just in case!
4. Coming Home Outfit- Make sure this outfit is newborn size! I learned this from experience! 0-3 months is NOT the same as newborn. I did not know this with my first so I packed a really cute 0-3 month outfit and was bummed out that it fit him HUGE! Thankfully I had also packed one of those long gowns and that is what we brought him home with but it wasn't as cute! For my daughter I just bought a preemie outfit. It fit her perfectly especially since we was only 6lbs 5oz when she was born so newborn was still a little too big for her.
5. Blanket(s)- You will especially need this if your baby is born in the winter season. If your baby is born in the summer then you might just want some thin receiving blankets.

1. Pajamas/Gown/Robe- Something you will feel comfortable wearing in the hospital, especially when visitors come. You don't want to be wearing those ugly hospital gowns! Make sure your gown or pj's are nursing friendly, meaning easy access for your baby to eat! ;)
2. Slippers- I love hospital socks so I tend to just use those while I'm there but you might want to bring some slippers as well. 
3. Nursing Bra- You will need at least one nursing bra, make sure it's comfortable and fits well. 
4. Nursing Pads & Nursing Cream- You don't want to leak all over the place so make sure you have a pack of nursing pads with you to prevent this! Nursing cream is good for tender and irritated nipples! Nursing is wonderful but it can sometimes be uncomfortable so make sure you have both of these packed to help with that.
5. Underwear- The hospital will give you these mesh underwear to wear your first day or two but they are not very comfy so you will want to pack some comfy grannie panties just in case you don't like the mesh ones. Don't buy SUPER fancy and expensive ones because chances are you might stain them! 
6. Heavy Flow Pads & Tucks- The hospital will provide some pads for you along with some ice packs for your first day or two. The ice packs are AWESOME! lol You will love them! If you get a really nice nurse she might even give you a few extra to take home! I did not add a picture of Tucks but you can look it up if you don't know what they are or look like. They will be your BFF! lol They are witch hazel circular pads you can place on your pads and they will help with any irritation or pain you have down there!
7. A Going Home Outfit- You will need an outfit to go home in. I suggest you pack something comfy and practical like leggings and a tunic or pull over because you will NOT be fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans the day after you deliver! Bummer! You want to be comfortable and enjoy your new baby, not worried about fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes.
8. Toiletries- The usual: your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, hairbrush and everything else you usually pack when you are going out of town.
So these are THE ESSENTIALS in my opinion and what I will be packing in a couple weeks! If you want to pack other things such as magazines, your laptop & anything else that most websites suggest that is totally up to you! The lists above are what I think you must have and anything else is nice to have but not really necessary. Let me know what you would pack or have packed when going to the hospital? Did I miss anything?

October 18, 2012

My Pregnancy: 27 weeks

I noticed I hadn't done a belly update in a while, 7 weeks ago to be exact when I was 20 weeks preggo.
So here is an update! I'M HUGE! Oh and I decided to do a fun questionnaire this time...

-How far along? 27 Weeks 5 days
-Maternity clothes? Yes I have to wear maternity clothes, nothing else fits! I love my maternity leggings!
-Stretch marks? No stretch marks! yay!
-Sleep: I'm sleeping ok, I get up to pee 2-3 times a night still but that doesn't bother me much, what does are the leg cramps! Goodness! 
-Best moment this week: Sewing burp cloths for baby Levi! I want to make more!
-Movement: Oh my goodness yes! TONS OF MOVEMENT! I love it though because two Sunday's ago I didn't feel him move much which worried me so every single move he makes now makes me happy! :)
-Food cravings: Nothing much, just salad from Jason's Deli oh and mexican food! 
-Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, so thankful the nausea has been gone for a while now!
-Gender: Baby boy
-Labor Signs: I think I was getting some braxton hicks last week but they weren't too bad!
-Belly Button in or out? OUT and I hate it! lol
-Wedding rings on or off? On
-Mood: I have been having some mood swings, last week everything made me cry and this week everything frustrates me! LOL Overall I feel happy though! Just ready to meet Baby Levi!
-Looking forward to: My baby shower in a couple weeks!

Here is a picture of the belly pics I've taken side by side for comparison...

October 17, 2012

DIY Burp Cloths

    I finally made something crafty! Burp Cloths, yay! I had forgotten how much I really love to sew! I literally had to dust my sewing machine off to make these. I used this awesome tutorial from Jones Design Company, It was so easy to follow! I used Organic Cotton Fabric for the front and Organic Cotton Fleece for the other side for absorbency. I bought my fabrics off of Etsy. I'm super happy with the outcome! I'm very proud of myself! I have just a couple tips for you if you will be using the same tutorial I used. My burp cloths are 10x16 same as the tutorial and I think that is a perfect size. With a quarter yard of fabric you can make two burp cloths.
Here is what I used to make my burp cloths. I made 3 but have enough fabric to make 3 more! :)
- A sewing machine of course! Threaded and ready to go. It doesn't need to be fancy! I have the Singer Simple that I received as a present last year.
- Fabric Scissors
- Quarter Yard of Pattern or Solid Fabric (This will make two burp cloths). I used an organic cotton print fabric.
- Quarter Yard of Soft/Absorbent Fabric (I used Organic Cotton Fleece, smooth side out to avoid piling)
- Tape Measurer (to measure your fabric and cut into 10x16)
That's it!

Make sure to trim off any excess fabric after sewing your burp cloth to avoid any bunching on the edges when flipping inside out.

Make sure to leave a big enough opening on one side so you can turn it inside out without a struggle. I learned that with my first burp cloth but was still able to flip it over...

After turning your fabric inside out you will want to iron it so that it makes it easier for you to sew the top stitch and you have no bunching on the edges, especially the corners.
I had so much fun making these burp cloths! I want to make a million more! I'm even considering opening up an etsy shop to sell burp cloths and anything else that is crafty, I will have to make a good amount of them first before I open up so it won't be anytime soon! Meanwhile I will be making more for baby Levi :)

October 8, 2012

We Bought A Crib

So this weekend we bought Baby Levi's crib! The next couple of weekends will be super busy for us and this past Sunday was the only Sunday we didn't have anything planned so we went out to IKEA and bought the crib! We chose the SUNDVIK crib from IKEA...
I love the simplicity of the crib but I did not like the crib mattresses from IKEA so we bought the mattress at a local baby store. I also just ordered the bedding today. Crib bedding is EXPENSIVE! I really wanted to get a whole set but I did not want to spend double what the crib cost so I just chose to buy the crib sheet and skirt I had chosen from Land of Nod...
I also had to buy new sheets for my daughter since the baby and her will be sharing a room. I fell in LOVE with these gold polka dotted sheets from Land of Nod...

I can't wait to have everything set up! I think we have everything we need for the nursery now except for some small accessories like storage baskets for the closet. I hope to have the nursery done and set up by the end of November so I don't have to worry about it my last month of pregnancy.

October 5, 2012

My Mom: A Breast Cancer Survivor

As many of you know: October is breast cancer awareness month. What you might not know is my mother had breast cancer when I was about five years old. She's been cancer free for 20 years, praise God! 

I don't remember much from when my mother had cancer but I do have a couple memories that have stayed with me throughout the years. I remember a couple months after my youngest sister was born my mom had to be hospitalized. I remember this because she's always been a stay at home mom, She's ALWAYS taken care of us! I remember waking up and instead of my mom helping me get ready for school my dad was the one doing it. I remember him trying to fix my hair and pulling it and me crying asking where my mom was and why she couldn't do it. I don't remember exactly how many weeks had gone by but I remember my aunts (my dad's sisters) coming over and doing everything my mom would usually do. As a five year old it was quite confusing! I remember going over to the hospital once and we were not allowed inside but my dad took us so we could at least see my mom waving from a window and my sisters and I were crying because we missed her so much! My mother is a STRONG woman! She's a woman of Faith! 
From what I now know my mother only took a couple chemotherapy treatments, she did have a masectomy but refused any other treatment afterwards and had faith God would heal her. She prayed to God for her to be able to live to see us grow up. I can only imagine her pain, I can only imagine not being able to see your children...not being able to take care of them. You see my mother has not only gone through cancer but before I was born my parents were told they would not be able to have children. For SEVEN years they prayed, they trusted God and then I was born. So you can only imagine after having three daughters being told you have cancer and thinking "what if I don't get to see them grow up?" My parents have been through so much but God has been SO FAITHFUL to them. I am very thankful for the parents I have, for their wonderful example to me. For their faith in God even in the hardest trials! I admire them and I have seen God's wonderful work in them and their lives. I am SO THANKFUL for my mother's life! I don't know what my life would have been like if I didn't have my mom with me growing up. She is an inspiration and seeing how wonderful it was having a stay at home mom made me want to do the same for my kids. I am thankful I am able to do the same for my kids with the support of my husband. 

So today I wanted to share a bit of my mom's story! I know we all know someone who's been affected with cancer, perhaps it is your mom as well. Or your family member might still be fighting it. One thing is for sure, we might not know WHY God allows such things as Cancer to affect us but HE IS IN CONTROL. There is ALWAYS a purpose for what he does. There are things that happen in our lives that we don't like sometimes but they help us learn to appreciate life, love and our relationships. They should help us get closer to our creator because he's the ONLY one who can truly help us and who can truly give us strength and peace especially in difficult times. My mother is a wonderful example of God's faithfulness. Although she went through some difficult times, God NEVER left her side! 
Thank you LORD for my MOTHER!

October 2, 2012

My Top Three Diaper Bags

Diaper bags have come a long way since I had my son about 6 years ago. I have never liked diaper bags with cartoon characters and pastel colors but it seems like those were the only options back then. I remember getting a brown one and it wasn't very pretty but it was simple and it didn't have a winnie the pooh on it so I was sold! (I don't have anything against winnie the pooh by the way, it's just not for me!) Well now that I'm expecting baby number three I've been looking around and found so many modern/stylish diaper bags. All the ones I LOVE are pretty pricey but I figure I need something nice and sturdy since I will be using it not only for the baby but to carry things for my three year old toddler as well. So here are my top three diapers bag choices...

I fell in love with the looks of this bag! I love the Charcoal Trellis pattern. It's about $69.95 for a canvas bag and $89.95 for faux leather. This bag is not only pretty but it's big enough to hold all of your baby necessities and more! It's go 7 exterior and 4 interior pockets. The side pockets are perfect for bottles. It also comes with grips stroller attachments so you can keep your bag nice and handy behind the stroller instead of bunched up at the bottom basket where you can't reach anything.  I ended up buying this bag and I will share some pics at the end of this post! I LOVE IT!
This bag came was the one I was already set to purchase until I found #1. I love how stylish it is. It looks more like a purse which I love! The front of the bag has a zipper so you can expand your bag an make it a little bigger like show above. This bag is also pretty roomy with 11 pockets. This bag is about $70.00 which is basically the same price as number one.
This bag is the most expensive of the three at $90.00. This tote has a total of 12 pockets. It is also very stylish but it just didn't convince me as much as #1 did maybe because of the price! lol 

So out of my top three picks I ended up going with #1! I found this bag on Ebay BRAND NEW for $65 with free shipping! Oh yeah! So of course I snatched it up and here is a close up picture of my diaper bag! I Can't wait to start packing it and getting it ready to take to the hospital! :)