October 31, 2011

How to use photobucket graphics/photos without linking back to your account.

In case you missed my post over at Southern Lovely last week....

 Today I want to share how to use photobucket photos/graphics
on your blog without having them link back to your photobucket account 
when clicked on. For this tutorial I am using one of my own blog graphics...
I have this graphic right under my blog buttons on my sidebar....
I'm going to show you how to add a graphic such as this
without it having it re-directed to your photobucket account if someone clicks on it.
First you grab your HTML code from your graphic/photo....
Go to your blogger "Edit Layout" page and add a gadget, choose HTML/Javascript
and paste your code into it (mine is set to be centered):
Then you are going to delete the first half of your code.
Everything in front of <img src= (as shown in picture)
you will be left with half of the code and then save!
Your graphic should now be ready without it re-directing to
your personal photobucket account!

I hope my tip was useful to you!
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share tips/tutorials from time to time! :)


October 27, 2011

Free Thanksgiving Printables

I noticed I haven't posted any free printables lately and since Thanksgiving
is just around the corner and I needed more fall-ish decor for my home, I created a print! 
I love the simplicity of it and I thought it was so cool...that is until my hubby 
got home. LOL I know that sounds bad, let me explain... I was all excited and proud
 to show him my newest print then he read it and said "why are we giving 
thanks to Canada?" and then I said... "What are you talking about?" 
and he said, "Cindy that is a maple leaf,  you know like the one that Canada has 
on their flag?" and then I just felt dumb. haha I never even thought about that 
and now every time I pass by this print I think about Canada. Which is not a 
bad thing, it's just not what I was going for. I wanted a fall leaf! 
So that is why I have two thanksgiving prints, in case
you don't want my canada "thanking"one! :) 
To download just click on the pictures below
and then save them to your desktop.
They are 5x7 prints. Hope you like them!
 Let me know if you end up using them. 
I would love to see pictures of them
in your home! 


October 24, 2011

The Kids Organized Closet

I don't really have a before pic! I am one of those people
who forgets to take before pics sometimes and gets all excited to just
finish a project but I do have a pic which you have probably already seen 
and I posted it when I showed you all the hat hanger project found here.
So here is the only before pic I have...

This closet was a MESS until I found a brand spankin' new
organizer at Goodwill!! Oh yeah! and it only cost me $3.99!

This exact organizer you can find on Amazon but it is
currently unavailable. I did check the price when I purchased it
and it was somewhere around $38! So I got it for a steal at $3.99!

and here is the kids closet with the new organizer:
For some reason it still looks a little messy! lol
I think it's the colors, maybe I should have organized the clothes 
in colors and such! Oh well, this is what it looks like and I'm happy with it! 


October 17, 2011

Garage Sale Find To Paint or Not to Paint?

I wanted to share  a small piece of furniture that I found at a garage sale for just $5! 
I have been wanting something just like this for my bathroom, under my new 
necklace hangers because I used to have ugly plastic drawers underneath
and I am sharing because I need your help! I don't know wether to paint it 
or leave it as is. I got the baskets at a garage sale for 50 cents each
and I am going to paint those for sure but am debating wether I should
paint the bookcase...

Please excuse the messy closet!! I have been wanting
to paint it and organize it like I did with my coat closet
but since it is a walk-in closet, I know it will take a while
plus it will take a good chunk of money! none of which I have
at this moment (time & money). 
I'm thinking yes, but if so what color?
white? I kind of want to go for something a little
more colorful! What do ya'll think?


October 14, 2011

New Sponsor: Miss Mommy {Etsy Shop}

I love my new Sponsor Nicole who blogs over at Miss Mommy
and has a cute little etsy shop also named Miss Mommy where she 
sells super cute and affordable jewelry!! Check out some of my faves...

I met Nicole when I designed her blog and etsy shop, she is
so sweet and it was such a pleasure working with her! I asked
her to be a sponsor on Cinsarah and she agreed! yay!
I Seriously Love designing, I get to meet so many wonderful people!!
Oh and guess what? She lives in Australia!! Isn't that so cool?!

Go Show Nicole some love for me please
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new items soon, so if you see something you like
add her shop to your faves to see when her new jewelry items list!

Also GUESS WHAT?!! I hit 200 followers today!!!
That seriously made my day! (along with getting the new iPhone 4s!)
Thank you all for following me along!! :D

October 12, 2011

How to turn a picture into a link {the easy blogger way}

It's been a while since I've shared a blogger tip and this is one of the first things I learned on Blogger and it's been super helpful ever since! (By the way I haven't switched over to the new blogger interface yet because I just don't like it! lol It's a little confusing!) I recently added this simple graphic....

under "My Business" on my left sidebar and I used this tip I'm about to show you! You will need either a photobucket account or you can use tinypic to host your image. Upload your image and grab the HTML code. Under Design click "Add a Gadget" on the side you want to add your new graphic...
Choose the "HTML/Javascript" Gadget...
Paste your HTML code in the box:
Click on "Rich Text"
and you will see your graphic, then highlight it...
while the graphic is highlighted hit the little world link button..
Enter the URL where you want your new graphic to re-direct
when clicked on. Click OK then SAVE and then test
you new graphic by clicking on it on your blog page to see if it worked!
It should work! It has always works for me and I hope it
works for you too and makes your blogging life a little easier! :)
If you would like to view more of my blogging tips just click that
 Tutorials button up on top and you will find a couple more! 


October 5, 2011

Guest Room/Craft Room Reveal

I can finally show y'all our guest room which also became my crafting/sewing room
about a couple weeks ago when I realized that we almost NEVER used this room!
We only use it when we have guests and we don't have guests very often so might 
as well make this room usable and so I got a desk and chair for my sewing machine 
and moved our printer and little plastic drawers filled with junk paper and office 
supplies into this room. Here was the sad little room before
No wonder we don't get guests often!
The only thing we had done to it when we moved in was paint it a
 light gray color and change the nasty carpet into tile....
The bedside table was a freebie from a friend who moved and the bed was
 my bed from when I was in High School which seems like a long time ago
now! (sigh) I graduated in 2005 by the way! This room is also our ironing
room which is why this side looked like this...
So one afternoon I asked my hubby to help me paint a stripe in the 
guest room which I got the idea from Landee at Landee See, Landee Do.
So he measured and we tapped up a stripe on the guest room wall..
and painted it a lighter shade of gray which I got from the Oops 
paint section of Home Depot for I think like $2...
I painted the side table white and you can read more about that in
this post and bought a ruffled throw, frame and three ikea mirrors
 at a thrift store seen here for the makeover and this is progress:
I thought this room needed some color so I got these awesome pillow
covers from Lacey at The Lacey Placey which I LOVE and here is 
what our guest/craft room looks like now...
I seriously Love the pillows! They bring so much color and brighten up this room!
If you don't sew or don't have a sewing machine (like I used to) I HIGHLY
recommend The Lacey Placey her pillow covers are affordable, great quality
 and she has tons of different patterns/colors to choose from!
The framed wall art are from a garage sale which I mentioned in this post
that I got for $2/ea and at first I did not like them (I initially fell in love with the frames)
but they match perfectly with this room, the frames even match the bed posts & baskets.
The chair is the one I just painted & re-upholstered which I share in this post.
The chair and desk are also from a garage sale for a total of $20 (for both).
and just to keep things real this is what the other side looks like:
I still haven't gotten to the closet! I guess this room also serves as
storage! I plan on having a garage sale soon so this closet should be empty! 
 There are still a couple things I want to get like a pretty lamp instead of that 
simple IKEA one that was actually in our bedroom.
and a small rectangular ruffle pillow for the bed which 
I hope I can learn how to make!
Here are Before & Afters together:
If you haven't already visit Through the Eyes of the Mrs.
to enter to win a custom blog button design by me! :)