October 3, 2011

My First Re-Upholstery Project {Chair Makeover}

I have always been scared of re-upholstering something! Maybe
it's because I'm clumsy and I am terrified I will end up stapling my fingers!
Or maybe its because in the past when I've wanted to purchase a stapling 
gun thingy my husband would say "those things are powerful" I guess he
feels the same way about my clumsiness. But when I finally found a desk for 
my sewing machine, the lady I purchased the desk from was selling two oak 
chairs for $20. I told her I only needed one for the desk and without asking she
said I could have it for $5!  So I ended up getting a desk and chair for just $20!  
Here is what the chair looked like before...

I took it outside to paint it and removed  the sitting pad 
part and the ugly pink pipping all around.. 
Here is the naked chair....
and here it is with the first coat of paint.
I used BERH's ultra white paint and primer mix..
here it is after three coats of paint...
 I took it inside after it dried, ordered yellow chevron
fabric off of etsy and went out to buy the stapler!
A week later I was ready to finish the chair!
The first staple was awesome! lol It is powerful!
Excuse my upholstery newbie self getting all excited over a stapler! 
Here is the finished product...
and here is my lovely little imperfect but perfect for me chair..
and some Before and Afters...
What do you think? Not bad for a first time huh?
Have you ever re-upholstered something?
I would love to hear about it and maybe see pics!
Share some links with me please! :)

This chair is now in my guest/craft room which I will
be sharing a reveal of this week!! :D


  1. You did such a great job! The chair looks great painted white, and I love that chevron fabric!! My husband and I reupholstered some chairs earlier this summer, which was my first time going at it with the staple gun, too, but I loved it! Thanks for sharing your first project! XO, Katie

  2. I have got to do this! You are amazing! It looks so beautiful! Love the yellow chevron!

  3. This looks great! I love the colors and fabric you chose!

  4. Love the fabric and you did such a great job at keeping the pattern straight!

    Way to go!

    Pamela @pbjstories.blogspot.com

  5. You did a great job! I love the white chair with yellow chevron.

  6. Adorable!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  7. It looks great!! Well done. Paint and fabric are so transformative! I have one chair redo underway, just need to order the fabric. Here is a link to a chair facelift I did this spring:

  8. Looks so bright and cheerful-great job!

  9. love it! found you via tipjunkie and hope you'll enter my giveaway and decide to follow:



  10. Looks so fresh and beautiful, I'd have this in my home!! Well done! I've just done my first chair upholstery that required me to use my sewing machine!! Come check it out!

  11. I love the colors you chose!


  12. It looks so good! I too am trying to reupholster my first chair so i have to ask how did you get the sitting pad back onto the chair frame?

  13. I LOOOOOOVE IT !!!! :) It's amazing!!!!!
    Good Job Cindy!


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