May 30, 2012


Sorry I've been MIA for a while! I have a really good excuse though....

Yes we are expecting baby #3! We are so excited! So now that I'm preggers I haven't had the energy to craft anything so that means I have nothing to blog about. I have been feeling nauseous and tired but overall happy! :) My due date is January 13, 2013.

I will share some more pictures & write up a post on how I shared the news with hubby soon!

May 16, 2012

May Birchbox

Sorry I've been MIA this week, I have been busy catching up with design work and lots of housework like laundry since I was sick for like a whole week! My May Birchbox arrived this week! This month's box is a special Gossip Girl edition box...
Here's all of my goodies...
1. BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette Spray
2. Modern Notecard Stationary 
3. twistband hair tie
4. beautyblender blendercleanser 
5. Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse BB Cream
6. Eyeko Fat Eye Stick 

You can find more of my past Birchbox goodies here.
Don't know what Birchbox is? It's a $10/mo subscription to high end beauty product samples. You get 4-5 samples a month and sometimes even some extras such as the notecard this month! I absolutely recommend signing up! It is totally worth it! I have used almost all of my products! It's like getting a little birthday present each month! You can sign up for Birchbox here.

Already have Birchbox? What did you ge tthis month?

May 9, 2012

C.R.A.F.T Package Pals

I participated in C.R.A.F.T's April Package Pals Exchange this past month! It was so much fun! My buddy was Jenni from A Well Crafted Party. She's super sweet! I'm so glad I got to "meet" her.
Here is what she sent me...
I got some cute cupcake toppers in a fun yellow bucket, invitations, straws & a super cute bunting banner! Wish I could have gotten all of these for my daughter's third birthday, they would have been perfect! 

Here is what I sent her...
I sent her some clothespins I painted, pink striped paper straws, tags, tissue paper, a print from my shop and a necklace! :)

May 8, 2012

How Pinterest has changed my life...

Yes Pinterest has changed my life, and I don't mean the minutes (ok hours) spent browsing through beautiful homes, delicious recipes and awesome outfits when I really should be cleaning my own home, cooking dinner and changing into something other than PJ's! I mean the awesome tips and tricks I've learned from those not so wasted hours browsing the site. 
Like when I learned how to use bobby pins the right way...
I have come to love bobby pins now that I know the right way to use em! I've even shared this with my mom & sisters because they're been doing it the wrong way too! It's life changing!

Well....I found this on pinterest a while back on how to trap fruit flies....
and this week I finally tried it!! Which is how I came up with the idea to write this post! 
Yes it works and it has changed my life.... 
There's nothing worse that mushy bananas am I right? Well this week we had two forgotten mushy bananas in our kitchen which created a bunch of nasty little fruit flies! I remembered I had pinned something about a fruit fly trap and thought I would give it a shot and I'm so glad I did!! 

How has Pinterest changed your life? Ok maybe not changed but helped?
Please share! There might be a pin or two I have missed! :)

May 3, 2012

Free Mother's Day Printable

Where in the world have I been? I got a stomach bug this week and I was practically in bed all day on Tuesday. It is hard when us mom's get sick and there's still laundry to do, dishes to wash, kids to feed and take care of! It was a hard week but I'm back and I have a free printable for you all...
Mother's day is coming up! What are you getting your mom? How about you print this pretty print for her and frame it! I wrote this fun little poem, I've always loved writing, anything from poems to songs. I love finding words that rhyme and go with each other :)
You can click on the print below and save on to your desktop:
It is a 5x7 print. Please let me know if you use this print! I would love to see pictures!! :)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!