July 31, 2012


  I realize I haven't done a giveaway in such a long time! I am so thankful to all of you who are still following me along even though I haven't been posting much and haven't even done anything creative in the past couple of months to share with you all! I TRULY do appreciate you! I hit a couple milestones within the past couple weeks. I have 300+ facebook followers & I have had 300+ sales on etsy as well! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I have also been SUPER busy with custom work and I am super thankful for that as well! :) I WOULD LOVE to giveaway a blog design once things start slowing down so keep an eye out for that soon! So what are we giving away today? (As if the title doesn't already reveal it!) 

One Custom Print Design
You get to pick everything! Size, Colors & Favorite Quote/Verse! 

One comment per entry please
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-Share this Giveaway via FB, Blog or Twitter (1 entry)

Giveaway Ends August 12, 2012 at 8:00pm CT
Winner will be announced August 13,2012 here on the blog.

July 25, 2012

My Pregnancy: 15 weeks

I am feeling big! My pants/shorts definitely don't fit anymore unless I wear my belly band. I REALLY need to go maternity clothes shopping! Other than feeling huge I'm excited! I had an appointment on Friday and everything is going well. I have an ultrasound scheduled for August 17th. I seriously can't wait! I also think I am beginning to feel the baby move but I am not completely sure. I can't wait to REALLY feel those kicks and see them through my belly! 

I've been craving nothing but mexican food! Mostly enchiladas! Anything spicy and cheesy is good! I haven't gotten any heartburn so that's good. Things I am not craving and don't care to eat right now: Meat (steak to be specific), Avocados & Ice Cream. So weird! 

I have gained a total of 6lbs so far! I really thought I had gained 10lbs but when I went to my appointment last Friday, my doctor said I had gained a total of 6lbs and said it was good. I should be gaining about a pound per week from now on. It's kinda scary stepping on the scale and seeing the numbers get higher and higher each week! 


July 24, 2012

New Prints on Etsy

     It's been a while since I've created some new prints for my etsy shop. So last week on my Blessed Design Studio facebook page I asked for suggestions for new prints. So here are three new prints you can find in my shop NOW...

  I want to come up with a few more so I need your help! Leave me a comment with an idea and if I use your idea you will get the print for FREE! It's a win-win! 

You can find these and more of my prints in my etsy shop here.


July 18, 2012

Choosing a Car Seat...

    This is our third child so I've learned I do not need a travel system. They are expensive and the stroller is almost always bulky! We ended up using the travel system stroller with my daughter maybe three times! We eventually bought a smaller more lightweight stroller which we love! Here are the two car seats I've been looking at and I can't seem to make up my mind. With my son we had a Graco car seat and with my daughter we used a Chicco which I loved! I have never used a Britax car seat but I hear they are good too! So I plan on just buying a car seat and using one of those stroller frames to use when we need a stroller. Once the baby outgrows the car seat I would REALLY LOVE a Maclaren stroller! Anywho back to the car seats... I have a super strong feeling it is a boy so I've been looking at more gray/black colors. Here are the two car seats I've narrowed it down to...


Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat in Graphica

Britax B-SAFE infant car seat in Black

So what do you al think? Do you have a particular car seat brand you love? If so why?


July 17, 2012

July Birchbox

My July Birchbox arrived! I love a couple things from this box, others I'm not to excited about! 
Here's what I got this month:
1. Oscar de la Renta (live in love) perfume
     I asked my hubby to smell it and he said it smelled like his mom! lol Guess I won't be using that one!
2. LARABAR uber roasted nut roll. 
     I haven't tried it yet but it looks yummy!
3. Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds
     Love these! I haven't used them yet either but I can't wait to!
4. stila lip glaze 
     Love this gloss! I haven't used it yet but every single stila item I have received I LOVE so I'm       
     excited to try this one!
5. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint
    I've already gotten this in the past so I'm kinda bummed I got it again! I did like it but not enough to  
    get it again! 
6. Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide
      Not too excited about this one either because I do not dye my hair! I will be giving this to my mom!

If you still haven't signed up to Birchbox you can do so here.
For those of you who have Birchbox already, what goodies did you get this month?

July 12, 2012

The Living Room

This is the room I am itching to make-over! It's just one big mess! Here is a picture of just one of the walls in our living room which shows just a couple of the things I would like to change...
  1. We never painted over these patches! 
  2. I hate the tv on the fireplace, especially because of the wires and because it is off centered. I would like to replace the tv with a mirror.
  3. Oh the cubby hole! I tried to make it look a little nicer adding some baskets and a frame but eventually I would like to add some shelves and turn it into a bookcase.
  4. I would love to paint the fireplace! It's so dirty and it needs some paint! 

Here is the list of things I would like to buy for this room:
-TV Stand
-Shelves for Cubby Hole
-Ladder Bookcase
-New Couch Pillows
-Coffee Table

That's all I think I would need to make this room feel a little cozier. I think I would need about $400 for this room so looks like it will have to wait to get done. I don't mind! I know it will get done... someday!
What room or rooms in your house are you itching to makeover?

July 10, 2012

If it's a boy...

I shared some nursery plans with you all last week here. Here is a design board I came up with for the shared nursery if this baby is a boy like I suspect...
The main colors would be gray & white with hints of blue, green and pink of course for my little princess! :) I plan on starting on the room as soon as we find out the sex which is mid August so it is coming up soon! I can't wait to get started! I don't really have a design board if it's a girl because basically we would use the same colors, I would just add a crib! What do you all think?

July 3, 2012

My Pregnancy - 12 weeks

I am definitely showing now! 
I will be posting my pregnancy updates from time to time. Please excuse the grainy picture as I do not own a camera and almost all of my pics I take with my handy dandy iphone!

I feel great now! I am mostly over my nausea. I still get nauseous from time to time when I don't eat right away when feeling hungry. I just need to remember to keep on snacking throughout the day. I am feeling a little more pregnant too now that I have a baby bump! Overall I feel blessed & thankful for the opportunity to carry a child once more! I can't wait to start feeling those little kicks again! I'm not gonna lie, I have been hating the fact that I have to pee all the time! I seriously get up about 5-10 times a night!

I'm trying to eat healthy! I will confess I just finished eating a bag of hot cheetos right before writing this post so I have my occasional junk food but overall I've been eating pretty healthy. I am really into these frozen waffles I just discovered by Van's, they are gluten and wheat free. I've been eating them every single morning for the past week with fresh strawberries and orange juice! 

I have gained 5lbs! That's crazy because I'm only 3 months into my pregnancy and I was sick for a couple weeks so I guess now that I'm feeling better, I've been eating like never before! 

I will share my nursery plans if this baby is a boy with you all later on this week so keep an eye out!