July 12, 2012

The Living Room

This is the room I am itching to make-over! It's just one big mess! Here is a picture of just one of the walls in our living room which shows just a couple of the things I would like to change...
  1. We never painted over these patches! 
  2. I hate the tv on the fireplace, especially because of the wires and because it is off centered. I would like to replace the tv with a mirror.
  3. Oh the cubby hole! I tried to make it look a little nicer adding some baskets and a frame but eventually I would like to add some shelves and turn it into a bookcase.
  4. I would love to paint the fireplace! It's so dirty and it needs some paint! 

Here is the list of things I would like to buy for this room:
-TV Stand
-Shelves for Cubby Hole
-Ladder Bookcase
-New Couch Pillows
-Coffee Table

That's all I think I would need to make this room feel a little cozier. I think I would need about $400 for this room so looks like it will have to wait to get done. I don't mind! I know it will get done... someday!
What room or rooms in your house are you itching to makeover?


  1. The bookshelf idea is so smart!!! It'd look GORGEOUS I bet! I think you should also use an a-tyical media console if you bring down your TV, like revamp a dresser or sideboard to be your media console!

    Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I love the idea of a bookcase in that cubby! That would look great! I think you have a very pretty room already, and your plans would make it even prettier. I am dying to make over pretty much every room in our house. But we're renting so it's not really an option (as far as the actual house goes anyway.) But the master bedroom is the room that I'm really wishing I could do something with. It's atrocious!

  3. I think this space has SO much potential. It has a really great fireplace & I LOVE the idea of the mirror of it. The cubby hole is great, I think the shelves are a wonderful idea!

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with that living room. I think it's genius to make the cubby into a bookcase...I wonder what the original intent was for that when the house was built??? If it were me, I'd put some really gorgeous wallpaper on that back wall of the cubby before I put the shelves in. That would be so pretty!

    I'm currently updating my 3 downstairs rooms...family room, playroom, and office/sewing room - on as little money as possible. :)


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