December 29, 2011

Missing in Action

Sorry I've been MIA this week!
My hubby has the whole week off and doesn't go back to work until tuesday January 3rd.
So I am sure you all understand my kids and I have been enjoying his time off and we wish
he didn't have to go back to work! I do have a couple projects and such I want to share with you
all so things should go back to normal next week, I also had a guest post which I completely
forgot to post yesterday and that will be up next week! I haven't been working on any design work
either but will continue where I left off on my list next week! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2012 bring MANY BLESSINGS to ALL! :)

December 26, 2011

ABC's of Me

   Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I usually don't post this late but my hubby is on vacation all week long and we've been out and about enjoying some quality family time with him while he is off. This fun little questionnaire is something I already had ready to post and thought I would share today since I have no time to write up a post on anything else. I got this from my friend Pam over at PB&J Stories. Hope you guys enjoy "getting to know" me a little better! :) 

A. Age – 24, Sometimes I think I am 25! IDK why? I'm getting old!
B. Bed size – King, and apparently it's not big enough! My kids always end up in our bed and although we have a huge bed they seem to like to cuddle up with me and leave me a tiny little space at the edge of the bed.
C. Chore that you hate – Can I pick more than one? LOL ok I guess washing dishes! I need a dishwasher!
D. Dogs – No Dogs and I like it that way, I can't stand pet hair! I've got enough dust in my home to clean up!
E. Essential start to your day – I want to say prayer but truthfully it's not always prayer! I plan to change that! 
F. Favorite color – Black! I know I'm so boring! If I had a second I would say White! HA!
G. Gold or silver – Bronze! Yes I know it's not an option but it's what I've been lovin' lately!
H. Height –5’5
I. Instruments you play – Drums, a little Guitar & Piano. 
J. Job title – Full time Mom, Part time Blogger & Graphic Designer for my small business Blessed Design Studio.
K. Kids – Two Awesome Kiddos! Sarah (2) and Joshua (5).
L. Live – I don't like to share where I live specifically on my blog, but I live in the AWESOME state of TEXAS!
M. Mother’s name – Elizama aka "Lisa" aka "Lady" (it's a long story why I call my mom Lady!) 
N. Nicknames – I don't have any, my name is simple. A high school friend used to call me Cindy Mc Cindy. 
O. Overnight hospital stays – Just when I had my kiddos. I actually like the hospital! (am I weird?)
P. Pet peeves – I have a couple! My most recent one is when people say "Just Sayin'"!! I hate when people use it to make it thinking it's ok to say a rude or offensive comment.
Q. Quote from a movie – "They think I do not know a buttload of crap about the Gospel, but I dooo!"-Nacho Libre. I LOVE this movie!! :D  
R. Right or left handed – Right
S. Siblings – Two crazy sisters! 
T. Time it takes you to get ready – If you ask my husband "Too Long!" LOL I think 15-30mis.
U. Underwear – Yes I wear them!
V. Vegetable you hate – I like all vegetables! I don't like Olives! Is that a vegetable?
W. What makes you run late – My kids! LOL Blame it on the kids, but seriously I can change them and by the time I change and get myself ready, one is missing a shoe and the other is half naked! LOL
X. X-rays you’ve had – I don't think I've ever had an X-ray!
Y. Yummy food you make – I haven't been in the "cooking" mood lately! I guess apple cobbler! Everyone loves it and I haven't shared the recipe here but I will!
Z. Zoo animal –I like watching the lions & the monkeys! 


December 23, 2011

Favorites Friday 12.23.11 {Font Edition}

I thought I would share some of my favorite fonts with you all since I am a graphic designer and fonts are a big part of my designs. These are my top 10! They are all free and you can find most of them on my favorite font website DaFont.  Just FYI the fonts I used on my header are #1 & #5!  

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

December 22, 2011

Something to think about...

My hubby and I watched this short movie last night and I wanted to share with you all! I know it's a very controversial issue and many of you might be PRO-CHOICE so I hope you can at least watch this short film and get a different perspective on Abortion. I know I usually don't post this kind of stuff here but I thought it was worth sharing. 

December 21, 2011

Guest Post Wednesday: Wonton Mommy

Today we have my friend Alicia from Wonton Mommy sharing some fun facts about herself! Alicia is the owner of Wonton Mommy (beautiful and affordable jewelry!) She is also the kindest person you will meet, I have worked with her on her logo and we are just going to begin working on her blog design, which I am excited about! She is super sweet and a pleasure to work with! :)
. . . . .
Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me come visit you all today, and thank you to always lovely, amazing, and oh-so talented Cindy for having me as well!

So I am new to the blogging world and thought i would share a few fun things about about myself. Some are really more "opinion", a few are silly little facts, and then there are a few little random things about myself(and I mean random!).
1)In the third grade I memorized all the US Presidents.[Image] I still can name them forwards and backwards(great party trick)
2)WORST movie ever.....
3)BEST Movie Ever...
Funny how the Former film won an Oscar(many actually) and the latter did not win a single one....(sidenote, I'm a HUGE movie buff)

4)I am OBSESSED with the color Mustard.
5)I am am DEATHLY afraid of birds.... especially big ones like these...
6)I work at a commercial door and hardware company so I also have a slight obsession with these:
I absolutely LOVE them... all doors are A-Ma-Zing.
7 & 8)One of my most favorite places to be is out on the lake.... I love to fish!
(Two factoids in one;)
9) I can eat this stuff all day:

10) Last but not least.... the most embarrassing and silly fact of them all:Drum roll Please......
I don't know why, but I love this guy:
Yep, that's totally Neil Diamond and I totally just shared that with you all. My fave song? "America".... it's a sad sad obsession I know.

If you would like to know more about me and hear stories about my busy mommy life, come visit me here at "WontonMommy".
. . . . .
Thanks so much Alicia for these fun facts about yourself!
 I always love learning new things about my friends! :)


December 19, 2011

My First Birchbox: December

I am so very excited to share this with you all! I subscribed to Birchbox last month and on friday I got my very first Birchbox! yay!! I've been wanting to subscribe to Birchbox since I first heard about it a couple months ago but seeing as I am super cheap, $10 seemed way too much for samples of make-up and such when I hardly wear make-up! I love make-up and girly things, I just don't know how to put on make-up or what type of make-up will look good on me so I thought I would finally subscribe and give it a shot! Here are the goodies I got in my first Birchbox...

*BONUS Items 

Overall, I am very happy with my Birchbox! I can't wait till next month! 
Are you subscribed to Birchbox? 

December 16, 2011

Favorites Friday 12.16.11

Favorites Friday is back people! If you are new here and have no idea what I am talking about: I used to feature my favorites from blogworld (mostly my favorite pins on pinterest) here on my blog on fridays. I stopped doing it for a while because I got lazy! LOL I seriously did, It takes some time to get pictures and get the right links together but I love showcasing other people's creativity and so I plan on keeping up with it this time! Here are my favorites for the week! These are crafts and such that I REALLY want to try! So hopefully by posting them here on the blog, it will get me to actually make em! Let's get this party started...
1. I really want to make one of these! I just need to go buy all my supplies and I will
come back here and show you all my gorgeous little birds nest necklace.
2. Here is another piece of Jewelry I've been wanting to make!
I've seen these everywhere but I am too cheap to buy one so I really want to make one!
3. Yet another jewelry piece! I just love these braided washer bracelets! 
4. Here is something I have all the supplies for but forgot I had pinned! ha!
So maybe I will get this one done this weekend!
5. Last but not least I want to make this...
That's it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
We have a wedding to go to and maybe I'll get some WIW pics from it.


December 15, 2011

Oatmeal Apple Pancakes

It's been a while since I've share a recipe with you all. I guess I've been lazy a bit busy and haven't been cooking much. I shared a picture on my facebook page yesterday making these pancakes for the kiddos and I said I would share the recipe if they were good. Well, they're not the best but my kids ate them all up which means they really liked them! My son even asked me to make them again this morning. They are very easy to make and chances are you already have the ingredients! They are thicker and denser than most pancakes since they don't contain flour. I got the recipe from Whole Foods which you can find on their website here.  Honestly, I don't LOVE them but my kids do!
1 cup rolled oats 
1/2 cup applesauce 
1 egg 
2 tablespoons maple syrup, plus more for drizzling 
1 tablespoon butter
Combine oats, applesauce, egg and maple syrup in a blender and purée to make a smooth batter. 
Melt 1/2 tablespoon of the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Working in batches, drop 2 tablespoons of the batter into the skillet to form each of five pancakes, spacing them about 2 inches apart. Cook, flipping once, until golden brown and cooked through, about 2 minutes per side. Repeat with remaining 1/2 tablespoon butter and batter. 

That's it! Simple & Nutritious! 
I thought they were worth sharing since my kids loved!
Let me know if you try them.

December 14, 2011

Guest Post Wednesday: Delightful Creations

Another Wed-nes-day, another wonderful guest! Today we have Evelyn from Delightful Creations!
Evelyn is super crafty! She has made some gorgeous wreaths which inspired me to finally create my very first wreath! Today she is sharing another one of her amazing crafts with us! Enjoy!
. . . . .
Hello sweet ladies! I'm so blessed to be here today! Cindy has been such a blessing to me and I feel so honored to be guest posting on her beautiful blog today! My name is Evelyn & I'm the creator of Delightful Creations. I'm married, have a baby boy and girl & I love the Lord! I started my own blog a few months ago because well, I just love anything that has to do with crafts. At first it was abandoned. I didn't really think my things were pretty enough to be posted so I kinda just had it there. A few months went by and I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a shot. That was about 2 months ago when I actually decided to start doing the linky parties and stuff & it has grown so much ever since! I feel so so blessed with every follower I get, with every comment & with every visitor. I hope you stop by and enjoy your time while you're there. Hope you like my little crafts and the stuff that I do over @ Delightful Creations.

So today I wanted to share something with you guys that I have been wanting to make but couldn't because I could NOT find any cinnamon sticks until just the other day that i went to Michael's. They FINALLY had some and on sale!
This project is really simple to make and looks so pretty once your done. Since I love candles, the idea just popped in my head about having some floating candles in there. It was perfect too because my glass votive was bigger than normal. I just loved to see them in their, did I mention that already ;)
Okay so here is the list of things that you'll need:
glass votive
cinnamon sticks
glue gun, felt, lace and scissors
Now here's a few pictures of the process.
I wrapped fabric around the glass votive first because it looked kinda ugly the way the glue looked from the inside. This way when i'm gluing the cinnamon sticks, the fabric will cover all the glues imperfections :)
Now just start glueing the cinnamon sticks onto the fabric.
And here it is...super easy and super pretty. I added a touch of lace to it because i love the way lace makes things look. Then i just made a few rosettes out of felt and glued them to the middle.
...Simply lovely...
Hope you feel inspired to make your own. If you do i'd love to see it :)
. . . . .
Thank you so much Evelyn for sharing one of your amazing crafts with us!
I love everything you create! :)

December 13, 2011

Organized Shoes

This weekend I bought a shoe organizing shelf from Target. I already had one which I used for my coat closet , I took that one and stacked it up with my new one and created shelves to organize my shoes. As you can see all our shoes were on the floor before collecting dust and such and then I saw this pin  on pinterest which inspired me to finally get my shoes organized. Don't you just LOVE Pinterest?! Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. There is no natural light in our closet! 
Are you wondering how I get my boots to stand up like that? Just roll up some newspaper and tuck them in your boots! Don't have newspaper? use empty paper towel rolls! They work just as well! I learned this this trick on another blog a while back, I can't remember which one! 
I love going into my closet just to see my organized shoes now! :) I plan on organizing our entire closet and maybe stenciling it like I did with our coat closet. The shoes are just the beginning. 
What have you organized recently? 

December 9, 2011

I Am A Christian Blogger Buttons

I noticed a couple bloggers I love and follow have little buttons that say " I Am A Mormon". I love the idea, so that is how I came up with these buttons for those, like myself, who are Christian and would like to proudly display it on their blog. I had made one of these a while back with the scrapbooking software I reviewed which you can read about here. I took it off when I was changing my design and I forgot to create another. I made a couple in different colors, so you can grab the one that matches your blog design. These buttons are 150x150 in size. You can just click and save to your computer and upload with photobucket. Remember to remove the link back to your photobucket account, so if someone clicks on your buttons it won't go to your personal account. You can find that tutorial here. 

 I hope you guys like the buttons and hopefully use them. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

December 8, 2011

My Favorite iPhone Apps

First off, notice anything new? Yes I did it again! I changed my design but just a little. I added some color by adding an ikat design to my header which I LOVE! I went shopping a couple weeks ago with a friend and we found a fabric similar to this ikat print and I fell in love! She ended up buying the fabric and I helped her upholster some chairs with it. So what do ya'll think? I absolutely love it! I just love ikat and this shade of yellow. It really goes well with a couple projects I have done, like my coat closet! Anywho, back to this post! Today I want to share a couple apps I have on my iPhone that I LOVE! 

First off...
I love this app! I have The Bible app but this one is different. It helps you keep a study guide and I'm not gonna lie, I don't read my bible every single day but I do open up this app every morning or night and I love reading the "Daily Verse" It ALWAYS seems to be exactly what I need to hear that day! So in a way I do read my bible everyday (a verse.)
I LOVE this app! I seriously do! I have been looking and looking for an app with cute girly wallpapers (not tacky!) ever since I got my 3GS and I had to settle for ones I did not love and just a couple weeks ago I found this one! I don't like to "buy" many apps, I usually just get freebies but this one is worth it!
This one is my BFF right here! Do I really need to explain? The name of the app says it all! I got the free version because that's all I need, it is awesome to keep track of "those days". I love checking tosee when "my time of the month" will be and usually it is spot on the date!
It's no secret I LOVE to shop and I love shopping sales even more! But the math I could do without! So this little app is my shopping buddy! My husband likes it too because I no longer have to ask him...
"how much is this with 40% off?" :D
I'm sure you all know what Groupon is right? if not then check it out here! We have used Groupon a handful of times and we love it!! I blogged about using Groupon for our anniversary here. I love that there is an app for it, so I can check it daily for good deals!
I LOVE Whole Foods!! I recently shared that we have been eating more organic on a previous post and a bunch of the new recipes I have tried and shared on my blog are from Whole Foods! This app is super helpful when out buying groceries because I can just pull up the recipe I plan to make and make sure I have all the ingredients! Keep it Organic Ya'll! LOL :D ( it's an inside joke with one of my friends)
And the only game I have ever bought and loved is Angry Birds! IDK what it is about flicking those birds and hitting those green little pigs that makes it so addicting but I love it! Yes I also bought the RIO angry birds app because the regular angry birds just wasn't enough for me! Plus every time I play, I feel like singing "I wanna party, I wanna samba!" haha I know I'm a dork!

So there you have it folks! Seven apps I have and Love! I actually have more I Love but I got a little lazy looking up every single app and creating a little design for it so Seven it is! Plus Seven is my favorite numero! Would you share your apps with me? I LOVE going to the app store and getting new apps especially on my lovely new iPhone 4s! (not bragging at all!) :D