December 16, 2011

Favorites Friday 12.16.11

Favorites Friday is back people! If you are new here and have no idea what I am talking about: I used to feature my favorites from blogworld (mostly my favorite pins on pinterest) here on my blog on fridays. I stopped doing it for a while because I got lazy! LOL I seriously did, It takes some time to get pictures and get the right links together but I love showcasing other people's creativity and so I plan on keeping up with it this time! Here are my favorites for the week! These are crafts and such that I REALLY want to try! So hopefully by posting them here on the blog, it will get me to actually make em! Let's get this party started...
1. I really want to make one of these! I just need to go buy all my supplies and I will
come back here and show you all my gorgeous little birds nest necklace.
2. Here is another piece of Jewelry I've been wanting to make!
I've seen these everywhere but I am too cheap to buy one so I really want to make one!
3. Yet another jewelry piece! I just love these braided washer bracelets! 
4. Here is something I have all the supplies for but forgot I had pinned! ha!
So maybe I will get this one done this weekend!
5. Last but not least I want to make this...
That's it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
We have a wedding to go to and maybe I'll get some WIW pics from it.



  1. Oh, such pretty pieces. I love those necklaces! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. those birds' nest necklaces are adorable.
    One for each of my kiddos. Thank goodness I only have three - perfect! :)

  3. oh so very cute! love all of them especially the twig votive! thanks for your heart on wanting to share other peoples creations :)


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