December 26, 2011

ABC's of Me

   Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I usually don't post this late but my hubby is on vacation all week long and we've been out and about enjoying some quality family time with him while he is off. This fun little questionnaire is something I already had ready to post and thought I would share today since I have no time to write up a post on anything else. I got this from my friend Pam over at PB&J Stories. Hope you guys enjoy "getting to know" me a little better! :) 

A. Age – 24, Sometimes I think I am 25! IDK why? I'm getting old!
B. Bed size – King, and apparently it's not big enough! My kids always end up in our bed and although we have a huge bed they seem to like to cuddle up with me and leave me a tiny little space at the edge of the bed.
C. Chore that you hate – Can I pick more than one? LOL ok I guess washing dishes! I need a dishwasher!
D. Dogs – No Dogs and I like it that way, I can't stand pet hair! I've got enough dust in my home to clean up!
E. Essential start to your day – I want to say prayer but truthfully it's not always prayer! I plan to change that! 
F. Favorite color – Black! I know I'm so boring! If I had a second I would say White! HA!
G. Gold or silver – Bronze! Yes I know it's not an option but it's what I've been lovin' lately!
H. Height –5’5
I. Instruments you play – Drums, a little Guitar & Piano. 
J. Job title – Full time Mom, Part time Blogger & Graphic Designer for my small business Blessed Design Studio.
K. Kids – Two Awesome Kiddos! Sarah (2) and Joshua (5).
L. Live – I don't like to share where I live specifically on my blog, but I live in the AWESOME state of TEXAS!
M. Mother’s name – Elizama aka "Lisa" aka "Lady" (it's a long story why I call my mom Lady!) 
N. Nicknames – I don't have any, my name is simple. A high school friend used to call me Cindy Mc Cindy. 
O. Overnight hospital stays – Just when I had my kiddos. I actually like the hospital! (am I weird?)
P. Pet peeves – I have a couple! My most recent one is when people say "Just Sayin'"!! I hate when people use it to make it thinking it's ok to say a rude or offensive comment.
Q. Quote from a movie – "They think I do not know a buttload of crap about the Gospel, but I dooo!"-Nacho Libre. I LOVE this movie!! :D  
R. Right or left handed – Right
S. Siblings – Two crazy sisters! 
T. Time it takes you to get ready – If you ask my husband "Too Long!" LOL I think 15-30mis.
U. Underwear – Yes I wear them!
V. Vegetable you hate – I like all vegetables! I don't like Olives! Is that a vegetable?
W. What makes you run late – My kids! LOL Blame it on the kids, but seriously I can change them and by the time I change and get myself ready, one is missing a shoe and the other is half naked! LOL
X. X-rays you’ve had – I don't think I've ever had an X-ray!
Y. Yummy food you make – I haven't been in the "cooking" mood lately! I guess apple cobbler! Everyone loves it and I haven't shared the recipe here but I will!
Z. Zoo animal –I like watching the lions & the monkeys! 



  1. So fun!!!! I wanna do this;) black is my fav too!

  2. Hi - just found your blog design page... can you please let me know when you're taking orders? Thanks!


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