December 6, 2011

Our Tile Backsplash

   We are almost done with our kitchen remodel! I started this blog when we began remodeling our kitchen a couple months ago (March 2011) which is what finally made me start a blog in the first place. Then we had to stop because what started as a simple flooring change turned into a full kitchen remodel and kitchen remodels are expensive! We ended up broke! Well... we are pretty much still broke from it all but thankfully we were able to continue and finally got our tile backsplash installed about 2 weeks ago...
I had mentioned in a previous post how I wanted white subway tile, until my hubby came home with some tile samples and for our kitchen we both liked this tile you see here. It is still very subway-ish but not so white. Honestly I don't completely LOVE it but I like it and it's growing on me. I'm sure once we have our stainless steel appliances (idk when that will be!) it will all look great together. I think all we need are the appliances & new kitchen lighting and we are done! So, what do you guys think? do you like our new backsplash? 


  1. Oooh, me likey. And yay for you guys almost being done!


  2. I love it!! Did you guys install it yourself? I'm stressing about taking on that project when my husband returns. I don't understand the cutting of tiles to get around edges and outlets and etc....
    yours looks great.
    Pamela @

  3. oh cindy it looks so so pretty! very nice :)

  4. I LOVE this! What a gorgeous look you created! Are you going to do a tutorial? I am really wanting to do something similar. Great job!

  5. Oh' Cindy, I love it and think it really looks fabulous with the color of your granite and cabinets. I think it looks better than white would have. And kudos for using a grout that wasn't white. It matches perfectly. We always get a buff or off white or whatever matches the tile or brick.

    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  6. that looks fabulous! i'm having major kitchen redo envy, lol. one of these days we'll get to work on ours.

  7. Hello, I really like your tile choice. Would you be able to disclose the product name?


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