July 20, 2016

Disney's First Latina Princess - Elena of Avalor

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Disney Channel and Latina Bloggers Connect, however our love and excitement for #ElenaOfAvalor is completely ours!
Sarah and I are super excited for Disney's very first Latina princess: Elena of Avalor! Have you heard? The new series begins this FRIDAY July 22 at 7pm 6pm CT on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Sarah and I have been watching all of the trailers and videos on the Elena of Avalor YouTube Channel. Princess Elena along with her sister Princess Isabel and her grandparents Francisco and Luisa learn to boldly lead the kingdom of Avalor with bravery, courage, and compassion.
Growing up I always loved watching Disney Channel and loved playing and pretending to be a Disney princess, but I noticed none of them actually looked like me. Except maybe Pocahontas, but she isn't Latina, so I am SUPER excited to have a princess my daughter can identify with! Sarah is not very fluent in Spanish, which is partly my fault, but that doesn't mean I don't encourage her to learn more about our culture. She might not properly enunciate her R's like a Latina, but she's definitely got the Latina spunk in her! She's a mix of sassy and sweet, which I can tell Elena is as well just by watching the trailer.
Sarah loves dressing up and just last week I found this adorable Mexican outfit that my grandmother gave her a couple years ago. It fit her big at the time but it definitely fits now. Our church had a Mexican fiesta picnic this past Sunday and she dressed up in this. I want Sarah to grow up being proud of her heritage, of who she is. Series like Elena of Avalor make it easier. To see diversity in the shows they watch makes them see that there are many different cultures and that although we are different in many ways, we all are human and experience the same emotions.
I can't wait for Friday! Will you be watching? Don't forget to tune into Disney Channel or Disney Junior at 7pm / 6pmCT this FRIDAY July 22. Also, if you haven't already, you can view all of the Elena of Avalor videos and to follow Elena on Facebook before the premier this Friday, so you are all updated and ready to go.
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