December 8, 2011

My Favorite iPhone Apps

First off, notice anything new? Yes I did it again! I changed my design but just a little. I added some color by adding an ikat design to my header which I LOVE! I went shopping a couple weeks ago with a friend and we found a fabric similar to this ikat print and I fell in love! She ended up buying the fabric and I helped her upholster some chairs with it. So what do ya'll think? I absolutely love it! I just love ikat and this shade of yellow. It really goes well with a couple projects I have done, like my coat closet! Anywho, back to this post! Today I want to share a couple apps I have on my iPhone that I LOVE! 

First off...
I love this app! I have The Bible app but this one is different. It helps you keep a study guide and I'm not gonna lie, I don't read my bible every single day but I do open up this app every morning or night and I love reading the "Daily Verse" It ALWAYS seems to be exactly what I need to hear that day! So in a way I do read my bible everyday (a verse.)
I LOVE this app! I seriously do! I have been looking and looking for an app with cute girly wallpapers (not tacky!) ever since I got my 3GS and I had to settle for ones I did not love and just a couple weeks ago I found this one! I don't like to "buy" many apps, I usually just get freebies but this one is worth it!
This one is my BFF right here! Do I really need to explain? The name of the app says it all! I got the free version because that's all I need, it is awesome to keep track of "those days". I love checking tosee when "my time of the month" will be and usually it is spot on the date!
It's no secret I LOVE to shop and I love shopping sales even more! But the math I could do without! So this little app is my shopping buddy! My husband likes it too because I no longer have to ask him...
"how much is this with 40% off?" :D
I'm sure you all know what Groupon is right? if not then check it out here! We have used Groupon a handful of times and we love it!! I blogged about using Groupon for our anniversary here. I love that there is an app for it, so I can check it daily for good deals!
I LOVE Whole Foods!! I recently shared that we have been eating more organic on a previous post and a bunch of the new recipes I have tried and shared on my blog are from Whole Foods! This app is super helpful when out buying groceries because I can just pull up the recipe I plan to make and make sure I have all the ingredients! Keep it Organic Ya'll! LOL :D ( it's an inside joke with one of my friends)
And the only game I have ever bought and loved is Angry Birds! IDK what it is about flicking those birds and hitting those green little pigs that makes it so addicting but I love it! Yes I also bought the RIO angry birds app because the regular angry birds just wasn't enough for me! Plus every time I play, I feel like singing "I wanna party, I wanna samba!" haha I know I'm a dork!

So there you have it folks! Seven apps I have and Love! I actually have more I Love but I got a little lazy looking up every single app and creating a little design for it so Seven it is! Plus Seven is my favorite numero! Would you share your apps with me? I LOVE going to the app store and getting new apps especially on my lovely new iPhone 4s! (not bragging at all!) :D


  1. I think this layout is my favorite KEEP IT! :)


    I actually love is so much I kinda want you to redo mine haha

  2. Haha.. love your new layout.. you site always looks great! Love your list of apps! Super fun. I have a blackberry.. which means no angry birds for me :(

  3. so so cool! love me some angry birds! that game is addicting!!! love the new design on your blog! very pretty!

  4. That is the Top apps for iPhone, It's not surprising that all of this apps is your favorite, very nice taste.

  5. Love this list and the design!! Both are fabulous!! :)
    -Meesh :)

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