December 14, 2011

Guest Post Wednesday: Delightful Creations

Another Wed-nes-day, another wonderful guest! Today we have Evelyn from Delightful Creations!
Evelyn is super crafty! She has made some gorgeous wreaths which inspired me to finally create my very first wreath! Today she is sharing another one of her amazing crafts with us! Enjoy!
. . . . .
Hello sweet ladies! I'm so blessed to be here today! Cindy has been such a blessing to me and I feel so honored to be guest posting on her beautiful blog today! My name is Evelyn & I'm the creator of Delightful Creations. I'm married, have a baby boy and girl & I love the Lord! I started my own blog a few months ago because well, I just love anything that has to do with crafts. At first it was abandoned. I didn't really think my things were pretty enough to be posted so I kinda just had it there. A few months went by and I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a shot. That was about 2 months ago when I actually decided to start doing the linky parties and stuff & it has grown so much ever since! I feel so so blessed with every follower I get, with every comment & with every visitor. I hope you stop by and enjoy your time while you're there. Hope you like my little crafts and the stuff that I do over @ Delightful Creations.

So today I wanted to share something with you guys that I have been wanting to make but couldn't because I could NOT find any cinnamon sticks until just the other day that i went to Michael's. They FINALLY had some and on sale!
This project is really simple to make and looks so pretty once your done. Since I love candles, the idea just popped in my head about having some floating candles in there. It was perfect too because my glass votive was bigger than normal. I just loved to see them in their, did I mention that already ;)
Okay so here is the list of things that you'll need:
glass votive
cinnamon sticks
glue gun, felt, lace and scissors
Now here's a few pictures of the process.
I wrapped fabric around the glass votive first because it looked kinda ugly the way the glue looked from the inside. This way when i'm gluing the cinnamon sticks, the fabric will cover all the glues imperfections :)
Now just start glueing the cinnamon sticks onto the fabric.
And here it is...super easy and super pretty. I added a touch of lace to it because i love the way lace makes things look. Then i just made a few rosettes out of felt and glued them to the middle.
...Simply lovely...
Hope you feel inspired to make your own. If you do i'd love to see it :)
. . . . .
Thank you so much Evelyn for sharing one of your amazing crafts with us!
I love everything you create! :)


  1. What a great idea! I love the little sticks that surround the jar. SO pretty!

  2. love this! I love Eva's blog too :) great post!

  3. I bet it will make the house smell lovely!


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