December 27, 2012

Walking & Waiting

Walking really helped with my past two pregnancies and I haven't done much of it this time around. This monday we decided to go on a "family walk" and went around the neighborhood. I was exhausted! Here are a couple pictures my husband took while on our walk. He is enjoying our new camera very much! :)
We haven't gone walking since! lol We had a big cold front come in Tuesday night and it's been cold since so I don't feel like walking in the cold much less take the kiddos with me and risk them getting sick since I could go into labor any day now..... whenever you're ready Levi! ;)

December 24, 2012

My Pregnancy: 37 weeks

I'm officially FULL TERM! Yay! Yesterday we went to the park with the kiddos and my husband took this picture of me. I am HUGE! I feel huge too! Here are the updates for this week. I think this will be my last pregnancy update (belly pic). At least I hope so, I don't want to be taking a 40 weeks one! 

How far along? 37 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? No stretch marks! 
Sleep: I can't sleep anymore! I wake up every hour it seems! 
Best moment this week: That I'm FINALLY Full Term!!
Movement: Lots of movement, especially after I eat and at night.
Food cravings: I've been having cravings often now but I get full very fast. I have been eating only ONE full meal a day, the rest is just snacks/water.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Gender: Baby Boy
Labor Signs: Minor BH but nothing too bad.
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Exhausted!
Looking forward to: Meeting Levi! Any day now!


December 20, 2012

Levi's Coming Home Outfit

I'm turning 37 weeks this weekend which means I will be full term which means Levi could be born any day after this weekend and he won't be considered a preemie. I am so excited! Here is the little outfit & blanket I packed for our little man. The outfit is from Carter's (bought at the outlet) and the blanket is from Target. I fell in LOVE with this banket! It's CHEVRON! Hello! I also have 2 more outfits packed in case this one doesn't fit. This outfit is newborn and I have another newborn that runs a bit bigger and a 0-3 outfit as well. It's good to have both a newborn and a 0-3 outfit because you never know how big your baby will be. I learned that with my son Joshua. He was 7lbs 5oz and as I was a first time mom I had no idea that there was a difference between 0-3 and newborn so I took a cute 0-3 outfit only to find it was HUGE on him! I did take a back up gown but it was also 0-3 and it fit him big but that's all we had. Anywho I can't wait to share pictures of Levi wearing this outfit with you all! 
Just for fun:
What date do you think Levi will be born? 

My due date is January 12, 2013
Joshua was born at exactly 39 weeks.
 Sarah was born at 38wks 6 days. 

December 18, 2012

The Evolution Of A Room

I seriously can't believe that in a year this room went from this...
to this...
and now this...
I am so glad it's finally done! It's been a crazy year but a good one :)
When I get my energy back I plan to finally finish my son Joshua's room.
It's halfway there! I just got sort of occupied with the nursery that I never finished his room.

December 14, 2012

The Nursery Details

First of all THANK YOU for your sweet comments on the shared nursery reveal!

Here are the sources and details for the nursery. 
Please let me know if I missed anything or if you still have any questions.
1. THE GIRAFFE - I fell in love with this giraffe as I was browsing through nurseries on pinterest. I looked to see how much they were and almost didn't end up getting it because it was a bit too pricey for me but then I found this one on Amazon here for half the price! It's one of the first things I purchased for this room.
2. THE PAPER LANTERN LIGHT- This is one of the room changes we did back when we made over my daughter's room. The paper lantern is from IKEA and the pendant light kit we bought at Home Depot.
3. THE CHEVRON RUG - I LOVE Chevron! Can you tell? Well to be honest I wasn't too sure about this rug. Mainly because it doesn't shout "nursery" but then I found a nursery on pinterest that had a chevron rug and it just looked awesome so I went for it! This rug is from Urban Outfitters. I love Urban Outfitters, they have awesome rugs at great prices! I got this rug with a coupon code and free shipping. 
4. THE GALLERY WALL - These frames are from IKEA and it's basically the same layout/gallery wall I did for my daughter's room makeover with the exception of two changes. The Alphabet print is one of the prints I sell in my shop and you can get it at an awesome price here on my blog but today is the last day (12/14) so hurry! The dotted art I did myself and you can find a simple tutorial for that here.
5. THE DRESSER - This dresser is from IKEA. We've had it for quite sometime now. That's it. 
6. THE 3D LETTERS - I made these myself using cereal boxes, you can find the tutorial here.
7. THE BEDDING & PILLOWS - The sheets are from Land of Nod. They were pretty pricey but I love them. I searched and searched for sheets that would go well with the crib bedding without them looking boyish and these are just perfect. The golden polka dots are girly yet consistent with the gender neutral colors in the room. The pillow covers are from The Lacey Placey. I bought these a while back for our guest room makeover first and then they became part of my daughter's bedroom makeover and now they still tie in well with the changes in this room. The small pillow in the front is the first pillow I ever sewed and blogged about here.
8. THE COFFEE FILTER GARLAND - This is another DIY project I did for this room. You can find the super easy tutorial here. 
9. THE CRIB & BEDDING - The crib is from IKEA and the bedding is from The Land of Nod. I absolutely love this bedding! It is one of the inspirations for this room. 
10. THE BOOKSHELVES & MORE - This is something I did not change from my daughter's room makeover. The bookshelves are IKEA spice racks. The mirrors are also from IKEA and the little trunk is from Goodwill.
11. THE SIGN - This lovely sign was made by my super talented friend Pamela from PB&J Stories. I designed it and she brought it to life! I wanted a sign with the song "Jesus Loves Me" because it's the song I sang to both of my kiddos when they were born and I will sign it to Levi as well. You can find more amazing signs at Pamela's etsy shop PB&J Creations. 
12. THE DIAPER ORGANIZER - I bought this on etsy from a wonderful shop named Jungle Jack. Meegan was just a pleasure to work with! I also bought a navy chevron cover for my boppy & a matching nursing cover. I love them all! 
13. THE MOBILE - Last but definitely not least! The mobile that inspired this whole nursery! I was browsing through etsy for a crib mobile one day when this beautiful one appeared It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Seriously!  It was all I could think about! The only problem was it was out of my budget and I knew it would be hard to convince my hubby about it. So I messaged Yuliyana (the creator of this fabulous mobile) right away and she was just wonderful to work with! I got a discount and without even thinking I ordered it! It is GORGEOUS! It's totally worth the price! Yuliyana hand makes these and uses organic materials. You can find this mobile along with other gorgeous ones at her etsy shop Pingvini. 

I am so happy with the outcome of this room. 
I can't wait until baby Levi gets to share it with his sister!

December 12, 2012

Levi's Shared Nursery Reveal

   As many of you know Levi is our 3rd baby and since we have a 3 bedroom home, he doesn't get a room of his own. We chose to have him share a room with his sister because my son's room (Joshua) is pretty small. I chose neutral colors for this room since it will be a shared room for both Levi & Sarah. You can find the design board I created for this room and shared a couple months ago here. It's crazy how much this room has changed in just one year! If you remember this room was just made over in March for my little princess. Well TWO MONTHS later we found out we were excepting #3 and plans for yet another room makeover began. I tried to re-use many of the items I had purchased for the new makeover. My princess LOVES her new room and is very excited to be sharing it with her little brother soon. Ok on to the rest of the pictures now, which I am sure you already scrolled through and saw...
You can find a list of sources and details for this room here.

December 10, 2012

DIY Coffee Filter Garland

Here is the final DIY project I did for the nursery. Again this one is simple, easy & cheap!
All you will need: coffee filters, ribbon & scissors (not pictured)
You take two filters and fold them like so..
Grab your ribbon and tie it to the end of the filters...
repeat until desired garland length...and that's it! This garland is now hanging in the nursery. 

December 7, 2012

DIY 3D Letters

Here is another DIY project I did for the nursery. I was going to buy these type of letters at Michaels or Hobby Lobby but I just never went so I figured I would try to do them myself using cereal boxes...
I used cereal boxes, a paint brush, acrylic paint, tape, scissors & I printed the letters on paper.
I taped my letter on to the cereal box and cut away, I cut all of the sides I needed to make it 3D...
The "S" was a bit trickier but I just cut out strips and taped them together as they curved...
I taped up my letters and ended up with this...
I originally was just going to paint them white and I did but I went over them with a metallic silver...
and here is the "L" now hanging in the nursery...
They are not the most perfect 3D letters but they were easy to make & free!
You will find more pictures in the reveal post soon!

December 5, 2012

DIY Pencil Dot Art

   This is one of the finishing touches I needed for the nursery to be completely done.
It's SUPER easy and you probably already have the supplies you will need...
1. Acrylic Paint 2. Pencils 3. Paper
That's all you need! All you do is dip your pencil eraser into paint and dot away....
Then you frame it and display! Cheap, Easy & Fast, that's my kind of project! You will see this hanging in the nursery gallery wall soon. I have just two more DIY projects I want to show you all that I also did for the nursery (they're both very easy!) and then I will be posting the FULL REVEAL!

December 3, 2012


    I am TRULY thankful for each and every customer I have worked with over the past couple of years. They have all been blessings in my life. I am overwhelmed by how good God is! I am thankful I am able to stay home doing something I LOVE and getting paid for it. It has been a GREAT financial help for our family. Since I will stop working in a couple weeks I would like to offer a SPECIAL deal that will be available for TWO WEEKS ONLY! This is a print I am using in our new shared nursery. I LOVE it and I hope you LOVE it too! I normally sell this print for $8 but in appreciation of my customers & blog followers I would like to offer it for just $3 for the following TWO WEEKS.

This Alphabet print is a high resolution 8x10 digital file that will be e-mailed to you.
There are no refunds/returns as this is a digital file. 

To order just click the link below and make sure to fill out all of the required fields.
Once you submit your form I will invoice you within 48hrs. Once the Invoice is paid I will
e-mail you your high resolution file(s).
Click to Fill Our Order Form

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at

November 30, 2012

My Pregnancy: 34 weeks

I turn 34 weeks tomorrow so I thought I would update with a picture since I haven't done one since I was 27 weeks. My hubby took this one with our new camera today! I can't believe that in just a couple more weeks I will get to meet Baby Levi! As hard as the third trimester is I am trying to enjoy it because even though pregnancy is hard at times I am sure I will miss it. Pregnancy is truly a miracle & such a blessing to be able to experience a human being growing inside of you.
How far along? 34 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes, nothing else fits! I've also been wearing my husband's t-shirts.
Stretch marks? No stretch marks! 
Sleep: I wish I could get more of it! I have been getting up to pee about 5-10 times a night! No I'm not exaggerating! 
Best moment this week: Finishing my hospital bags & getting my new camera!
Movement: Lots of movement, it's starting to hurt.
Food cravings: The only craving I had this week was Domino's Handmade Pan Pizza.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope not really. 
Gender: Baby Boy
Labor Signs: Minor BH but nothing too bad.
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Tired, Excited, Nervous, Anxious. Lots of moods.
Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery this next week.

November 29, 2012

All Packed & Ready To Go?

    I finally finished packing this week! I got EVERYTHING on the lists I posted a while back which you can find here.  I am due January 12 so maybe I packed a little early at 34 weeks but I feel good! I don't like leaving things for last minute. The only thing I have to pack are my toiletries but those I will have to leave till last minute since I use em everyday. 

    I'm feeling excited as the day approaches but also a bit nervous. I don't know exactly what I'm nervous about? My first labor was perfect! My water broke just like I had wanted and everything so I though my second would be the same. My second was horrible! I was in pain a whole 24 hours before actually going into labor and I won't even go into details on how that all went because I might scare some of you first time moms. I am hoping this third time will be more like my first but I know every birth is different so I'm not counting on it! Sometimes I feel ready and sometimes I start to freak out. I mean in just a couple weeks I will be a mom of THREE KIDDOS! I am very thankful though because I am sure both of my kiddos will be very helpful with their baby brother. They are VERY excited to meet him! Which makes me happy and even more excited just to see their little faces when they meet their baby brother.

On a different subject! I FINALLY got a nice camera! Which means I need to get going and finish some of the details I haven't done for the nursery. Once It is completely done I will post the reveal! Should be either by the end of next week or the beginning of the next.