November 29, 2012

All Packed & Ready To Go?

    I finally finished packing this week! I got EVERYTHING on the lists I posted a while back which you can find here.  I am due January 12 so maybe I packed a little early at 34 weeks but I feel good! I don't like leaving things for last minute. The only thing I have to pack are my toiletries but those I will have to leave till last minute since I use em everyday. 

    I'm feeling excited as the day approaches but also a bit nervous. I don't know exactly what I'm nervous about? My first labor was perfect! My water broke just like I had wanted and everything so I though my second would be the same. My second was horrible! I was in pain a whole 24 hours before actually going into labor and I won't even go into details on how that all went because I might scare some of you first time moms. I am hoping this third time will be more like my first but I know every birth is different so I'm not counting on it! Sometimes I feel ready and sometimes I start to freak out. I mean in just a couple weeks I will be a mom of THREE KIDDOS! I am very thankful though because I am sure both of my kiddos will be very helpful with their baby brother. They are VERY excited to meet him! Which makes me happy and even more excited just to see their little faces when they meet their baby brother.

On a different subject! I FINALLY got a nice camera! Which means I need to get going and finish some of the details I haven't done for the nursery. Once It is completely done I will post the reveal! Should be either by the end of next week or the beginning of the next. 


  1. I am due in 3 weeks, have one more week of work left and I haven't even packed yet. I washed baby clothes I got from my friends and have a bag of diapers. That is about it. I will think about stuff next Friday.

  2. Your due date is my wedding anniversary! Good luck chica, hopefully everything goes well!


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