October 23, 2012

What to Pack for The Hospital

As you may already know (from my about me page) I am a planner! I like to plan ahead and so I decided to create a list of things I will need to pack for the hospital for both Levi & I. I hope this comes in handy for those of you expecting as well. This is my third child so you can say I have some experience! lol Here are the must-have items to pack for the hospital from my experience...
1. Car Seat- Of course this is a must have because you can't leave the hospital unless you have a car seat for your baby. In the hospital I deliver they make sure you know how to install it and secure it as well. The nurses can help but they prefer to just see how you you do it and check if it's the correct way. I always leave this up to my hubby! :)
2. Diaper Bag- You will need a diaper bag to pack it with the following items...
3. Diapers & Wipes- The hospital usually gives you a good amount of diapers and wipes for your first week or two but you might want to pack some just in case!
4. Coming Home Outfit- Make sure this outfit is newborn size! I learned this from experience! 0-3 months is NOT the same as newborn. I did not know this with my first so I packed a really cute 0-3 month outfit and was bummed out that it fit him HUGE! Thankfully I had also packed one of those long gowns and that is what we brought him home with but it wasn't as cute! For my daughter I just bought a preemie outfit. It fit her perfectly especially since we was only 6lbs 5oz when she was born so newborn was still a little too big for her.
5. Blanket(s)- You will especially need this if your baby is born in the winter season. If your baby is born in the summer then you might just want some thin receiving blankets.

1. Pajamas/Gown/Robe- Something you will feel comfortable wearing in the hospital, especially when visitors come. You don't want to be wearing those ugly hospital gowns! Make sure your gown or pj's are nursing friendly, meaning easy access for your baby to eat! ;)
2. Slippers- I love hospital socks so I tend to just use those while I'm there but you might want to bring some slippers as well. 
3. Nursing Bra- You will need at least one nursing bra, make sure it's comfortable and fits well. 
4. Nursing Pads & Nursing Cream- You don't want to leak all over the place so make sure you have a pack of nursing pads with you to prevent this! Nursing cream is good for tender and irritated nipples! Nursing is wonderful but it can sometimes be uncomfortable so make sure you have both of these packed to help with that.
5. Underwear- The hospital will give you these mesh underwear to wear your first day or two but they are not very comfy so you will want to pack some comfy grannie panties just in case you don't like the mesh ones. Don't buy SUPER fancy and expensive ones because chances are you might stain them! 
6. Heavy Flow Pads & Tucks- The hospital will provide some pads for you along with some ice packs for your first day or two. The ice packs are AWESOME! lol You will love them! If you get a really nice nurse she might even give you a few extra to take home! I did not add a picture of Tucks but you can look it up if you don't know what they are or look like. They will be your BFF! lol They are witch hazel circular pads you can place on your pads and they will help with any irritation or pain you have down there!
7. A Going Home Outfit- You will need an outfit to go home in. I suggest you pack something comfy and practical like leggings and a tunic or pull over because you will NOT be fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans the day after you deliver! Bummer! You want to be comfortable and enjoy your new baby, not worried about fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes.
8. Toiletries- The usual: your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, hairbrush and everything else you usually pack when you are going out of town.
So these are THE ESSENTIALS in my opinion and what I will be packing in a couple weeks! If you want to pack other things such as magazines, your laptop & anything else that most websites suggest that is totally up to you! The lists above are what I think you must have and anything else is nice to have but not really necessary. Let me know what you would pack or have packed when going to the hospital? Did I miss anything?


  1. This is great! I'm almost 30 weeks and am starting to pack...I think my girl will be 8 lbs+ so would 0-3 fit her? Now I'm worried! This is my first. I def need to get a robe and pjs!!

  2. THANK YOU for posting this. I am going to print them out.



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