October 2, 2012

My Top Three Diaper Bags

Diaper bags have come a long way since I had my son about 6 years ago. I have never liked diaper bags with cartoon characters and pastel colors but it seems like those were the only options back then. I remember getting a brown one and it wasn't very pretty but it was simple and it didn't have a winnie the pooh on it so I was sold! (I don't have anything against winnie the pooh by the way, it's just not for me!) Well now that I'm expecting baby number three I've been looking around and found so many modern/stylish diaper bags. All the ones I LOVE are pretty pricey but I figure I need something nice and sturdy since I will be using it not only for the baby but to carry things for my three year old toddler as well. So here are my top three diapers bag choices...

I fell in love with the looks of this bag! I love the Charcoal Trellis pattern. It's about $69.95 for a canvas bag and $89.95 for faux leather. This bag is not only pretty but it's big enough to hold all of your baby necessities and more! It's go 7 exterior and 4 interior pockets. The side pockets are perfect for bottles. It also comes with grips stroller attachments so you can keep your bag nice and handy behind the stroller instead of bunched up at the bottom basket where you can't reach anything.  I ended up buying this bag and I will share some pics at the end of this post! I LOVE IT!
This bag came was the one I was already set to purchase until I found #1. I love how stylish it is. It looks more like a purse which I love! The front of the bag has a zipper so you can expand your bag an make it a little bigger like show above. This bag is also pretty roomy with 11 pockets. This bag is about $70.00 which is basically the same price as number one.
This bag is the most expensive of the three at $90.00. This tote has a total of 12 pockets. It is also very stylish but it just didn't convince me as much as #1 did maybe because of the price! lol 

So out of my top three picks I ended up going with #1! I found this bag on Ebay BRAND NEW for $65 with free shipping! Oh yeah! So of course I snatched it up and here is a close up picture of my diaper bag! I Can't wait to start packing it and getting it ready to take to the hospital! :)

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  1. All the above bags are so pretty and trendy with beautiful colors and stunning styles. It is hard to find such stylish bags in market. I liked Skip Hop- Versa Diaper Bag the most.
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