September 28, 2012

My New Glasses

   Most of you don't know that I'm sort of blind! Ok not technically but seriously if I don't wear contacts or glasses I cannot see your face even if you're standing close to me. I started wearing glasses when I was in 4th grade (I think) and I remember going to buy my very first pair of glasses with my mom and I remember hating every single pair because they were all SO BIG and my mom convinced me to try on a specific pair of glasses because they were the smallest.  So here is a picture of me with my very first pair of glasses....don't laugh!! 
   Seriously people these were the smallest pair of glasses they had! I wore glasses up until my Junior year of high school when I FINALLY got contacts! I still use glasses at nights, when I have allergies or when I just don't feel like wearing contacts. I'm SO GLAD that glasses have become much more stylish! Don't you?
   I was SUPER EXCITED when Firmoo contacted me about trying out and reviewing a pair of their glasses! (Seriously, ask my husband! I think I told him like three times! lol) I NEEDED a new pair of glasses especially when I give birth in a couple months and I will need them for night feedings and such. So I looked through their awesome website and picked these lovely glasses...
MUCH BETTER than my very first pair of glasses don't you think?
I sent them my prescription and received my glasses in the mail along with these goodies...
I love my new pair of glasses! I don't really like wearing glasses but these I really like. Honestly I thought they wouldn't be very good in quality since most of their frames are super affordable like these that I chose are $29! Yeah I know that's cheap! And you know how cheap stuff is usually cheap in quality. Well NOT THESE BABIES! Seriously these glasses are very well made. They don't look cheap at all and they are very sturdy. I'm sure they will last me a while especially since I don't wear my glasses a lot. I am VERY HAPPY with my new glasses! 
Do you wear glasses? Well why don't you give Firmoo a try? Right now Firmoo is offering Free Eyewear for first time buyers! (Just pay shipping!) For more info on this program CLICK HERE. 


  1. Your new glasses are great! You can wear it not only nighttime! What ist your prescription? I'm also very shortsighted (-11,5)and blind without my glasses.

  2. Fantastic, they are not just for "emergencies" during the night!! What type of lens did you choose and how strong are they? I tend to use lower index now even if that makes the glasses a bit thicker.


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