September 17, 2012

Style Lately Giveaway: Elegant Ribbon Necklace

Hello Lovely People! We have an awesome giveaway today from Style Lately! I found Style Lately through another blog and signed up for their e-mail updates and liked them on facebook. They announced they were giving away 100 of these lovely bracelets on their facebook page......

So of course I ordered mine and received it last week and WOW! It is even more gorgeous in person! I was so happy with it that I ordered two more things from their site. Their prices are SUPER AFFORDABLE and their Jewelry is SUPER CUTE! I WANT EVERYTHING! But I will purchase a couple at a time or my hubby will freak out! Not only did I buy myself more pretties but I contacted Style Lately to see if they would be interested in me hosting a giveaway for them. I am SO GLAD they accepted because I knew you guys would love it. I had you all choose what you liked best for the giveaway without you even knowing (ok I'm sure you sort of knew it would be a giveaway). Most of you LOVED the necklace (which by the way I plan to purchase soon!) so we are giving away FIVE OF THEM! I will be using Rafflecopter for all of my giveaways from now on because it's super easy and much more organized than the comment way I had been using. Giveaway Ends 09/24 and winner will be announced here on my blog 09/25. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. thank you for doing this great giveaway!!! "rafflecopter" rocks!

  2. AWESOME giveaway!! I love them, thanks for another place to shop! :)


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