September 21, 2012

Sage Spoonfuls Review/Giveaway

I've always wanted to make baby food for my kiddos but I didn't give it much importance with my first so he got like most babies do: Gerber. We started getting into more organic foods after my daughter was born but I didn't really make her food, I would just give her small bites of what we would eat. Well now that I know how important it is what kiddos eat I REALLY want to try to make baby Levi his own homemade food. I was so excited to find Sage Spoonfuls and more excited that they let me review their recipe book which will come in handy once baby Levi is born. They not only have recipes for babies but they have a couple family recipes in the back of the book and I chose to try out their Lentil Stew recipe for this review...
Here are all of the ingredients ready for the stew...
The recipe was super easy to follow...
...and the outcome was delicious! Seriously I have made lentils before but this recipe was AWESOME!
Way better than anything I've made! It's a perfect family meal and will be perfect once Baby Levi can eat solids because I can just easily blend this for him to eat.
I topped of my bowl of lentils with avocados...
Here are my favorite things about the book:
- It's a hardcover book. It's sturdy and looks like it will last a long time.
- It is very neat and organized and easy to follow.
- I love the way it explains the nutritious value along with tips, and combinations for each of the fruits or veggies.
- I love the overall design! It is colorful, attractive and has plenty of pictures.
- It gives you plenty of information in the beginning of the book on nutrition, allergies and even CPR &  choking.
Overall I am VERY HAPPY with the book and I cannot wait to begin using it to make baby food!

GUESS WHAT? You have a chance to win the Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book for yourself!
Just follow the instructions down below. Giveaway ends 09/27/12 and winner will be announced here on my blog 09/28/12! Good Luck & Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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  1. I used to make squash and certain foods like that for J when he was around a year old. I would love to try and do it more for baby #2! It's so healthy and easy!

  2. I have never had to make baby food! EEK! (Panic mode setting in!) I am 6 months pregnant with baby number 1 and am only now starting to find out how much importance I should put on the nutrition of my baby. I've already purchased a Baby Food Processor (so that I can do my own fruits and veggies instead of store bought) - so this book REALLY interests me!

    Awesome giveaway! THANKS!!!

  3. I just started. Still figuring out what works for us.

  4. I started making baby food a month ago and I'm having so much fun! Also, it makes me so happy when my little girl enjoys eating something that I "made" for her. I've been eyeing this book for awhile and would love to win it!

  5. We had great intentions to try but were eating such a simple diet as parents that we quickly realized that our babe could eat what we were eating if we mashed his portion of our food while it was still hot. Mostly beans, sweet potatoes, squash, avocados, etc.

  6. I have not made baby food for my little girl yet but I would love to start. She is 6 months so she just started eating baby food recently.

  7. I just started making baby food (literally, last week I smashed up some banana) and I'm lost! I would love this cookbook to help me out!

  8. i have pureed food for my baby and its always great o introduce new flavors to them

  9. i have pureed food for my baby and its always great o introduce new flavors to them

  10. I am pregnant with my baby and have never tried preparing baby food. But I am excited to try it with my baby boy!

  11. We adopted our son 12 (!) years ago, and because I couldn't breastfeed, I made his baby food from scratch. Now we're expecting to be placed with a new baby in the spring (!) and it's been a loooong time since we've done the baby thing, so this would be a perfect book to refresh my memory on making homemade foods for our child.

  12. To be honest, I have never made baby food. My daughters are now 5 and 6 and I've always purchased their baby food. But I have another one on the wasy and I'm considering the more feasible approach- making my own baby food.

  13. I don't have a lot of experience, but I'd love to gain some with this book! It looks fabulous!

  14. Tried just a few times with my first and ended up buying organic jar food because I worked FT and weekends were busy. Only working PT with the second so hoping I'll be more dedicated.


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