March 30, 2012

Out with the OLD & in with the NEW

The new blogger interface that is! Have you switched yet? This sunday (April 1st) you won't have choice! I noticed Blogger's new interface while working with customers and installing designs. I noticed new blogs automatically had the new interface and switching was optional for us who have had blogger for a while. I resisted the change at first only because I became comfortable with the old interface and learning to use the new one freaked me out a little bit. Here's the old....
and the new...

(In case you are wondering why I have 3 sample blogs?! I use them for my design business)
 It was a bit hard figuring out where everything was while installing a new design but I did notice one new feature that makes things a ton easier for blog designers such as myself! Creating new pages for navigation bars was a pain before! But now blogger made it super easy by having a tab just for pages! No need to go into new post and clicking over to new page. Also they made it so that you can link a link (huh?) directly to a tab title without having to use custom navigation titles...

Overall I like the new Blogger interface, it is much cleaner & modern looking I just need to get used to it! 
How about you? Have you switched? What do you think? 

March 29, 2012

Sneak Peek of My Son's Room

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my daughter's room makeover! I'm so happy to have a pretty pink and girly room in the house! I love going in there randomly because it makes me happy! :)
I don't know if you've been reading my blog for sometime or not but I wrote a Home Goals for 2012 post a while back and one of those goals was my daughter's room and it is finally complete! Another goal is my son's room! It is 85% done. All we need to do is build a headboard for him which is probably gonna take a couple more weeks because we have been super busy on weekends and haven't had time to go out and buy the supplies we need. Meanwhile here is a sneak peek of his room....
My son sort erased the C in China! lol If you can't tell from this picture this is a clock wall in my son's room. I got the inspiration from a ton of pictures from pinterest and when I went to IKEA and found these on sale I decided to buy 6! You can also see the blue color we chose to add another stripe to his room. You can check out the inspiration board for this room if you haven't already here. 
I can't wait to show you all the full room reveal! 

March 27, 2012

Sarah's Bedroom Pt.3 (The Details)

THANK YOU all so much for your sweet comments on my daughter's room makeover!
In case you missed it.... You can find Part One (The Before) here  and Part Two (The Reveal) here.
Today I am sharing all the details of my daughter's bedroom makeover. I've gotten some questions and this post should answer most of them. If you still have any questions after this post feel free to e-mail me! 
Let's start off with the paint color we used....

We used Silver Drop by Behr in a satin finish. The sample looks a little more brown but in person it's a very pretty light gray! I wanted something neutral and clean looking and this color is just perfect!

1. I made these tissue paper poms! They are super duper easy to make! I will probably post a tutorial sometime soon. I am sure you either already know how to make them or you have an idea but it's always nice to follow pictures while you are making them so I will try to get a post together soon!
2. I custom ordered this sign from my friend Pam's etsy shop PB&J Creations. I LOVE IT! I Love all of her creations! I have a couple of her signs around my home :)
3. If you have been following me for sometime now you might recognize the two yellow pillows from the guest room/craft room makeover I posted a while back. The room no longer looks like that now but I reused a lot of the things in that room! The two yellow pillows are from The Lacey Placey and the lumbar pillow is from Marshalls which I found on sale! woo hoo! The sheets are also from Marshalls.
4. I bought this blanket last year at a thrift shop for $5 and later find out it's from IKEA! I wrote a post on this and other finds last year which you can find here. I used this blanket in our guest room for a while and now it is in Sarah's room. You might also recognize this blanket from my birchbox posts! :)

5. I absolutely LOVE paper lanterns! I purchased this one at IKEA for $5 and the pendant light kit was about $12 at Home Depot. It took my husband less than 15 minutes to install this and it makes such a big difference in this room!
6. Finding a rug for this room was a bit crazy! I kept searching online and everything was either too expensive or not right! Finally I decided to try and found this gorgeous rug with the exact colors I needed for this room at a great price! I even got a discount on it and free shipping! :)

7. This pretty lamp is from IKEA. (that's it, no big story! lol)
8. I LOVE this piggy bank! I searched on etsy for custom piggy banks for both my son & daughter and found Pretty Piglets whom you may remember from my giveaway week! Rachel was AWESOME! She matched the colors I asked for perfectly! 
9. This little basket was a garage sale and the little table is a goodwill find from my dad that he painted for my son's nursery. You can find a post about it here.
10. These frames are from IKEA and you can read more about this gallery wall in a post here. 
11. The plant is from IKEA and the milk glass pot I found at a Goodwill for $1.99! 
12. This dresser is also from IKEA. 

13. The pink buckets are from the dollar store and I just added some chalkboard labels on them.
14. This organizer was $9.99 at Marshalls.
15. The laundry hamper is from Ross and was $12.99.
16. I love white curtains! These curtains are from Target but I bought them off of Ebay though they were cheap and new. Cost me only $15 for the pair and that includes shipping!
17. This is actually the RAST nightstand from IKEA that I painted white. I wanted something to set this toy on and that could be used as storage. It was only $14.99! 

18. These bookshelves are actually IKEA spice racks but I found them at a Goodwill for $2.99 each. Everytime I would go to IKEA to look for these they would be sold out so when I found these two at Goodwill I snatched them right away! You can find the post on these here.
19. This basket/trunk is also a Goodwill find! It was $7.99 and it's the perfect size for this little wall. It stores all of my daughter's dolls! The sheep is actually a pillow. We purchased this at Costco and it came with a super soft blanket.
20. The mirrors are from IKEA but I also bought them at a thrift store because they were $1 cheaper and they were new. I painted them white and used them in our guest room before.

Now let's talk money! I was supposed to stick to my $100 budget but I think we went a little over!  
This is only for the things purchased, some of the items we already owned so those don't count. 
(estimating because I can't remember the exact amounts)
Gallon of Paint $30 
Rug $47.59
Lamp $19.99
Lantern $4.99
Pendant Kit $12.99
Piggy Bank $8
Sign $14
Sheets $19.99
Organizer $9.99
Pillow $7
Trunk $7.99
Landry Hamper $12.99
Buckets $3
Nightstand $14.99
Pot $1.99
Frames $21

TOTAL = $236.50

Whoops! We went a little over! lol
Not bad though! Most of the things purchased were either on sale or from Goodwill! :)

March 26, 2012

Sarah's Bedroom Pt.2 (The Reveal)

Are you guys ready for the OVERLOAD of pictures?! You can find Pt.1 (The Before) here.
I am so happy with the outcome of my daughter's room! I wanted a simple and clean look with touches of pink and yellow. Without further ado, here is Sarah's New Room..... 
and here is the my little princess reading in her new room...
Here is a before & after in case you don't want to go back to Pt.1 for the before pics...
I just wanted to show you all the pictures today. Tomorrow we will have Pt.3 where I will go over details such as where I purchased some of the stuff in her room, how much I spent and all that kind of good stuff. So make sure to come back tomorrow!
Linking up to these parties here and here

March 23, 2012

Sarah's Bedroom Pt.1 (The Before)

     I am so excited to show you all the full reveal but first let's take a look back to see what my daughter's room looked like before. Before Sarah was born this was my son's room (Joshua) and when we found out we were expecting baby #2 we decided not to make a nursery since we knew the crib would be in our room for the first couple of months and spending money on a nursery would be a bit pointless. Well Sarah and Joshua ended up sharing a room for a little more than a year and finally this year we decided to turn Joshua's room into Sarah's room and use the guest/craft room as Joshua's new room. I don't really have any before pics of when the room was neat and put together, just these I took while I was cleaning up glass from our little broken window incident. So the room was a bit of a mess but that's ok because it makes for good before pictures...
Here is the room sort of cleared out...
Here is a picture of the wall where I tested the paint we used for my daughter's room. 
It pretty much looks white here next to the blue color on the walls...
...and here is the room all painted, including the trims & doors which we painted white.
    Stay tuned for Part Two (The REVEAL)! Yes that means you have to wait until Monday because I don't post on weekends! Boo! There will also be a Part Three where I will share sources, links & breakdown of the budget. If you haven't already, check out the inspiration board I put together for my daughter's room. You can also read this post on a gallery wall I created for a little sneak peek of her room. 
Have a Lovely Weekend!!
See you all here back on Monday!

March 22, 2012


Thank you to ALL of those who entered! I wish you could ALL win!! 
Now let's get down to the nitty gritty.....

which is....
which is...
which is...
Now don't freak out on me about this one, I know it says 43 but my numbers went
a little out of whack after 200, but I made sure this was number 343! 

which is...
which is...

Please e-mail me to claim your prizes! Winners of Days 2-5: I will need your addresses as well so make sure to include it in your e-mail. Remember you get EVERYTHING in the package you won! You will more than likely receive prizes at different times so please contact me if it's been more than a month after your e-mail and you haven't received one or more of your prizes. 

Once again THANK YOU to ALL those who participated!