March 2, 2012

Meet The Giveaway Participants...

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COUPON CODE: CINSARAH10 for 10% off orders

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COUPON CODE: 10% off any purchase with code cinsarah10

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COUPON CODE: 15% off any purchase with code FOUNTAIN15

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COUPON CODE: Buy two items get the third FREE!  
(In the notes put B2G1 and the name of your free item)
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COUPON CODE: For CinSarah readers, you can use the code "CINSARAH" 
in the etsy shop until the end of March for 10% off any purchase!
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COUPON CODE: CinsarahReaders 10% of of current inventory and custom orders
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COUPON CODE: Save 25% off with code CINSARAH on anything in my etsy shop. 
(NOT valid on custom work)
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COUPON CODE: Save 25% off with code "daisylove"
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COUPON CODE: Save 10% off any blog service or advertising space with code "CINSARAH10"
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COUPON CODE: Save 10% off ENTIRE purchase with code "CINSARAH10"
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COUPON CODE: CINSARAH for 10% off (Valid until 4/2012)
Giveaway week begins on MONDAY March 5th! For more info & rules please view this post.
I want to thank ALL of my participants! You ARE ALL AWESOME! :)
Have a lovely weekend friends! See You Monday!


  1. Long list of AMAZING retailers and bloggers!!!! Reflects how amazing you are and people are willing to support you :)


  2. Awesome list of participants! Can't wait til Monday!

  3. Oh I LOVE this Cindy!!!!!
    Thanks for including me :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, well put together Cindy! Thanks so much for including me!

  5. Thank you os much for including me, Cindy. You have done a great job of organizing all of this. I'm so impressed!


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