March 23, 2012

Sarah's Bedroom Pt.1 (The Before)

     I am so excited to show you all the full reveal but first let's take a look back to see what my daughter's room looked like before. Before Sarah was born this was my son's room (Joshua) and when we found out we were expecting baby #2 we decided not to make a nursery since we knew the crib would be in our room for the first couple of months and spending money on a nursery would be a bit pointless. Well Sarah and Joshua ended up sharing a room for a little more than a year and finally this year we decided to turn Joshua's room into Sarah's room and use the guest/craft room as Joshua's new room. I don't really have any before pics of when the room was neat and put together, just these I took while I was cleaning up glass from our little broken window incident. So the room was a bit of a mess but that's ok because it makes for good before pictures...
Here is the room sort of cleared out...
Here is a picture of the wall where I tested the paint we used for my daughter's room. 
It pretty much looks white here next to the blue color on the walls...
...and here is the room all painted, including the trims & doors which we painted white.
    Stay tuned for Part Two (The REVEAL)! Yes that means you have to wait until Monday because I don't post on weekends! Boo! There will also be a Part Three where I will share sources, links & breakdown of the budget. If you haven't already, check out the inspiration board I put together for my daughter's room. You can also read this post on a gallery wall I created for a little sneak peek of her room. 
Have a Lovely Weekend!!
See you all here back on Monday!


  1. Cindy!!!! I don't like cliffhangers! lol.
    At least I got an idea from this to hold my kids' art work. :)

  2. Ohh that color you painted is so pretty! What is it?

  3. Can't wait to see the transformation! So exciting!

  4. Hehe you leave us in so much suspence! Can't wait for Monday! :)

  5. OOOH can't wait to see the reveal Cindy!



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