March 21, 2013

My Disappointment with Land of Nod

Yes those golden dotted sheets are gorgeous! They're perfect.....wrong! I was so excited to purchase these sheets from Land of Nod. I saved up to buy these and the crib sheet for Levi's crib to finish the shared nursery makeover only to find the sheets were a complete disapointment! After just two washes the dots faded significatly and not only that they were SUPER stiff and thin. I have a pair of sheets I bought for my daughter for $15 at Ross and those sheets are 100% better than these. I took a picture to show how badly the sheets faded. The only thing I didn't wash was the top sheet. I washed the pillow case & the fitted sheet...
Here is a close up...
   I did end up getting my money back and returning the sheets but I felt I needed to write this post because a lot of people have been asking me where I got these and I only felt it fair to warn you that these $80 sheets are not worth it! Sure they're cute but why would you pay $80 for disposable sheets? I had written a review on their page before washing them and I tried to go back and write another but they never published it so if you've been thinking about getting these DON'T! I wish you could all feel how stiff and thin these sheets are! 

   I really wanted to LOVE Land of Nod. Their stuff online is SUPER CUTE! This was my very first purchase from them but after this experience I don't think I will be shopping there anymore. 


  1. Thanks!!! I'm glad people make these posts. I was totally going to get some from them but I think I will stick to the non-fading sheets :-).

    1. I thought those were so cute! I'm glad to know they are such low quality.

  2. well that stinks! $80 for sheets better be for good quality. at least they refunded you your money. it be a bigger bummer if they hadn't!

  3. Wow! Good to know! Won't be shopping them anytime soon!

  4. I could never justify spending $80 on sheets... but I've always drooled over Land Of Nod, glad I never tried to splurge ;op

  5. Hi,
    I'm The Land of Nod's CEO. I was so sad to see your blog post. We work very hard to ensure that all of our products are high quality. I will definitely look into the issues with the gold dot sheets. I know that you've already returned your sheets, but please let me know if I can help in anyway, my emil is .
    Michelle Kohanzo

  6. Did the crib set have the same problem? I just bought a similar crib set for my nursery from LoN (the whales instead of the chicks) and now I am brokenhearted!


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