March 29, 2013

Blog Crush: Inspired Living

   I love finding new blogs to follow don't you? I don't browse around as much as I used to because ya'll know I just had Levi and well juggling three kids, a blog, a home & everything else is tough! I don't have much time to browse like I used to (boo!). Anywho there's a blog I found back when I was preggers with Levi and I fell in LOVE with it! I happily clicked that little "Follow" button, I was so excited to have found it! Dawn's home is gorgeous! If you've never visited Inspired Living then go NOW! Here are just a couple sneak peeks of what you will find...
Isn't her home GORGEOUS? Oh I'm so jealous! 
To view more pictures of her gorgeous home visit Inspired Living.

Oh and you might recognize her from my giveaway, she was one of the winners!
You might just see a little design update over on her blog soon! ;)

Have a lovely weekend friends,

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  1. This is so sweet of you! Thx so much, I'm flattered. :) I was so confused for a moment when I opened my blog dashboard / blog roll and saw a picture of my dining room. I'm looking forward to working on a blog makeover with you.


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