March 8, 2013

Levi - Two Months

   Levi turned two months yesterday but because of the giveaway, I wasn't able to share this post until today. Levi is growing so fast! He gained two pounds in a month and also grew an inch. He's a happy boy! He started cooing and smiling these past couple of weeks and I love it! I love that he's starting to recognize his big brother and sister. He starts smiling and cooing when they get near him. It's the cutest thing! Levi is a pretty easy kiddo except when he's hungry! He will start grunting and within a matter of seconds he'll be screaming. He sleeps on the swing at night because he got used to it and I'm not to proud about that but momma needs her sleep! Mornings he sleeps in his bouncer and at night he will sleep in the swing and eventually he'll end up in my bed from about 3am till morning time. We started tummy time this week and here is a picture of him during tummy time...
His hair just keeps growing and growing so I'm thinking baby boy will need a haircut soon or they will be confusing him for a girl like they did with his big brother Josh! lol 


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