July 18, 2012

Choosing a Car Seat...

    This is our third child so I've learned I do not need a travel system. They are expensive and the stroller is almost always bulky! We ended up using the travel system stroller with my daughter maybe three times! We eventually bought a smaller more lightweight stroller which we love! Here are the two car seats I've been looking at and I can't seem to make up my mind. With my son we had a Graco car seat and with my daughter we used a Chicco which I loved! I have never used a Britax car seat but I hear they are good too! So I plan on just buying a car seat and using one of those stroller frames to use when we need a stroller. Once the baby outgrows the car seat I would REALLY LOVE a Maclaren stroller! Anywho back to the car seats... I have a super strong feeling it is a boy so I've been looking at more gray/black colors. Here are the two car seats I've narrowed it down to...


Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat in Graphica

Britax B-SAFE infant car seat in Black

So what do you al think? Do you have a particular car seat brand you love? If so why?



  1. We used the Chicco for our last child & it was absolutely wonderful. I thought the quality of it was superb! Very very secure placing my new baby in there.

  2. We just bought the Britax B-Safe like you have pictured for our boy/girl twins and it is so compact and cute. I can't wait til the time comes to use them!

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