June 29, 2012

Nursery Plans

    Our home is a three bedroom home so now that we have a baby on the way, someone will have to share their room with the baby. Since my son is almost 6 and his room is pretty small, we decided the baby will share with my daughter regardless of the baby's sex. To look back and see what my daughter's room currently looks like click here. Here are some changes I'm panning....
   We will basically move my daughter's bed over to the other wall and have the crib be where my daughter's crib used to be when she shared a room with her big brother. I purposely chose a neutral wall color for her room thinking maybe one day we would have a third child and having a neutral wall color would be the ideal so we wouldn't have to paint again! If this baby is a girl then the current color scheme will still work...
    ..but if this baby is a boy (which I have a strong feeling it will be) we will have to make some color changes. I have put together a design board for this room if it is a boy. I don't have one for a girl because it would basically be the same colors just some minor changes. I will post the design board next week! I have a super strong feeling we are having a boy but still need confirmation to begin shopping! We even have a boy named picked out already! I guess we will know for sure in August! 


  1. This is exciting! What fun changes for your adorable family!

  2. aww this is adorable!! i really love the name of your blog! it flows very well


  3. LOVE your colors! It is going to look fab! I am your newest blog reader! :) Erin


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