October 27, 2011

Free Thanksgiving Printables

I noticed I haven't posted any free printables lately and since Thanksgiving
is just around the corner and I needed more fall-ish decor for my home, I created a print! 
I love the simplicity of it and I thought it was so cool...that is until my hubby 
got home. LOL I know that sounds bad, let me explain... I was all excited and proud
 to show him my newest print then he read it and said "why are we giving 
thanks to Canada?" and then I said... "What are you talking about?" 
and he said, "Cindy that is a maple leaf,  you know like the one that Canada has 
on their flag?" and then I just felt dumb. haha I never even thought about that 
and now every time I pass by this print I think about Canada. Which is not a 
bad thing, it's just not what I was going for. I wanted a fall leaf! 
So that is why I have two thanksgiving prints, in case
you don't want my canada "thanking"one! :) 
To download just click on the pictures below
and then save them to your desktop.
They are 5x7 prints. Hope you like them!
 Let me know if you end up using them. 
I would love to see pictures of them
in your home! 



  1. Hahahaha I can totally see that now. Oh Canada!

    Thanks for the free printable you're too kind!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  2. These are so cute!! haha that's so funny about Canada; I never would have made that connection!

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say that I am getting really ReALLY excited :o)!!!!! Oh and thanks for the wonderful printable too!!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  4. I am definitely going to print this out! Thanks for sharing this Cindy!

  5. Thank you! I will def be using them!

  6. Lol - well I am Canadian and I wouldn't have made that connection either, so don't feel bad! Our maple leaf is red!
    Stopping over from Southern Lovely...happy to be your newest follower! :)
    evie @ brown paper packages

  7. I want to thank you so much for these! I'm printing them out and having our guests sign them as a keepsake for them to remember who they shared the day with!


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