January 4, 2013

Still Pregnant & A New Project

   Yes I am still pregnant! I turn 39 weeks tomorrow and have been having minor contractions but that is it. I am exhausted and I just want this baby to be born before my son starts school on Monday. It's sort of a good thing he's still not here because this week has been crazy with my hubby & I getting sick and then my daughter getting a sinus infection. Thankfully everyone is doing much better and now I feel we are REALLY ready for Levi but it seems he isn't ready for us... 

So while we wait, my husband decided to start on a project he has been thinking about for a couple months now. He shared this idea with me a while back and honestly I thought it wouldn't look good, mostly because I couldn't picture it but the project is 50% done now! I think it's going to look awesome! Here is a picture I had posted before of the living room and the plans are for that weird separating wall thing in between the living room and dinning room (please excuse the ugly photo!)...
Here are the plans my husband drew out...
 and here are the pictures of the plans in action...
I can't wait to show you all the end results.
My husband is working on the shelving as I am typing this. We might just finish them before Levi comes since he seems to not want to make an appearance anytime soon! lol The only thing we would need after the shelving is done is a new tv for the new shelving which we are planning to buy soon.

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  1. I'm interested in seeing the final results! Nothing like a baby's arrival to get you moving. Hope u r getting lots of rest.

    We too r in the market for a new tv....not by choice. Our first flat screen tv, only seven years old, is starting to go....ugh.


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