July 29, 2015

Texas + Ceiling Fans | Hunter Fan Co. Giveaway

I am not a native Texan. I grew up in the North where a/c units were not a necessity and fans were rare.  I remember one a/c unit in a bedroom was enough because it never got hot enough for you to use it all Summer long. 

Moving to Texas was not only an adjustment for me as a pre-teen entering middle school but climate wise as well. I quickly learned ceiling fans in every bedroom are a must! So, as we were getting ready to purchase our new (older) home, I knew we would have to install ceiling fans in every room. To be honest with you I wasn't all that excited about ceiling fan shopping because I honestly thought ceiling fans weren't all that pretty... I was wrong. I had never actually shopped for a ceiling fan before because we never updated the ones our previous home came with. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find such modern fans out there, I had no idea! 

Hunter Fan Company generously sent us not just one but THREE ceiling fans for our new home. One for each of our bedrooms. We got to choose all three of our ceiling fans and chose each of them to match each room's style. We are still working on finishing our bedrooms so stay tuned for some room reveals featuring our new Hunter Fans! Our master bedroom is bright and white so I wanted something that would stand out. We chose the Hunter Windemere for our master bedroom. 
It is modern and beautiful and looks perfect in our new master bedroom. It doesn't give very much light but I suspect that has more to do with the size of our bedroom and our vaulted ceilings more than it does the fan itself but it does it's job in keeping us cool and it looks great too! 
We chose the same ceiling fan for both Joshua and Sarah's rooms. Except Sarah got the white option. The Hunter Sonic ceiling fan is another modern fan. They come with four blades at an angle and work well to keep air circulated and the entire room cool. 
Each of the fans come with their own remote which the kids LOVE. You can screw the remote holder on the wall but Sarah likes to keep hers next to her bed. 
Joshua got the stainless steel/dark blades version which I think goes better with his bedroom.
Now let me tell you about the SUPER COOL technology that I had no idea existed. Hunter sent me their new SIMPLEconnect feature which lets me control my fan with my smart phone. It was easy to set up and now I don't have to get up to turn my fan on/off. You can also schedule your fan to turn on or off at a certain time of day or when you are on vacation as a safety feature. You can program it to fit your schedule. I LOVE this feature! It's more likely for me to loose the fan remote than it is to loose my phone so having the app is pretty handy!
I love my Hunter fans so much and I know you will too so Hunter Fan Co. has so graciously agreed to give one of my readers a ceiling fan of their choice. That's right you have a chance to win your very own ceiling fan! I'm excited for you! Just enter through rafflecopter below. 

The winner will be chosen and e-mailed Friday August 7th. 
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  1. I like the Denali fan. We'd use it in our Homeschool room. It's got large windows and can get hot in there!

  2. Love the fans! I hate our bedroom fan!

  3. Love the Raefield and the Infiniti!

  4. I absolutely love this brand of fans! I wouldn't mind owning another fan. They are amazing!!!!!!

  5. http://www.hunterfan.com/Ceiling-Fans/Denali?ModelNumber=53273

  6. I love the Acadia or the altitude! So many great options though!

  7. I would put a Landsdowne - 52" Ceiling Fan in our bedroom; is that selfish? :)
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

  8. Allegheny Low Profile™ - 52" Ceiling Fan

  9. I'd pick the Sable Ridge 52" Ceiling Fan for my back porch



  10. Eastpoint - 52" Ceiling Fan for my son's bedroom


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