June 29, 2015

How we Sold our Home without a Realtor

This is NOT a sponsored post, I wasn't paid to write this post. I wanted to write it to share how 
AWESOME Creekview Realty was with the sale of our Home. We love them that much!
I've been meaning to write this post but life has been crazy since we sold our first home and moved into our current. We sold our house without the use of a realtor. We thought about doing For Sale by Owner but wanted to sell our home as quickly as possible and be able to list it on MLS so we used a flat fee realty service that I HIGHLY recommend. This was the first time we've ever sold a home so naturally we were nervous but we didn't want to pay the full 6% to sell our home.

So I searched online for options and ended up finding Creekview Realty.  Of course purchasing anything online has its risks but I checked out their reviews and we decided to jump in and give them a try. We ended up purchasing their Package B one night. There is A TON of helpful info on their website for those inexperience first time sellers like ourselves. 

We got a call the very next day to confirm our purchase, they explained the process and made sure we understood everything. I printed some paper work, filled it out and scanned it and sent it their way. I also took pictures of our home and sent it to them so that they could list our home on MLS. We received a lockbox and a professional sign a day or two later and we were ready for business! Our home went officially on the market on a Wednesday night and by Saturday we had three asking price offers. We were overwhelmed with Joy! Creekview called/emailed everytime we received an offer and went over each offer with us. They were available 24/7, seriously! We were on the phone with them at 10pm one night going over an offer. Creekview suggested we do a high and best offer and we ended up getting more than asking price for our home. They were EXTREMELY helpful throughout the whole process! We spoke to various different people on their team throughout the whole process but they were all up to date with our situation and they were all extremely helpful and kind. 

We are extremely happy with Creekview! They seriously went above and beyond! If you are in the Texas area and are thinking about using a realtor, do consider Creekview. We are so glad we did, we saved money but felt like we got way more than what we paid. If we ever need any realty services (which I hope we don't because we LOVE it here!) we would use Creekview again and again! 

Again, I wad NOT paid to write this post. I just wanted to share because I know how hard the whole selling process can be but we had such a great experience so I had to share it! :)

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