July 18, 2013

The AS IS Home Tour

 I LOVE touring other people's homes. Don't you? Wether it is through other people's blogs, pinterest, realty websites or in person there's just something about peeking into how other people live and decorate their homes that I find facinating! One of my most favorite apps on my phone is the Realtor one. I just love it! I love to see old homes remodeled and I love to imagine what I would do or how I would decorate a particular house if it were mine. 

Sad thing is sometimes it makes me feel crappy because my house doesn't look as nice or is as clean as most of the homes we see on pinterest and such. It has been EIGHT years since we've purchased this house and we are no where near finished with it. Not done with repairs, decorating or anything. On top of it our home is almost never completely clean. There's always a pile of something somewhere. I'm sure I'm not alone! 

So I thought I would let you all tour my home AS IS. Holes in the walls, piles everwhere, unfinished kitchen & all! Not only that I want to see your homes!! Let's all share our homes the way they are! Wether your home is perfectly clean & organized or cluttered & unfinished. Maybe this will motivate us to get things moving and then a year from now we can look back and see what has changed. 

Basically I will share a room or some rooms from my house each day and have a little linky party at the end of my post so you can link up and share your room/s too! I'll post more details next week on what rooms I will share on what days so we can all get our posts ready to share. You are also welcome to share rooms you have already finished and shared on your blog! 

So what do you say? Will you join me?
Tour begins the first week of August! (Monday August 5th to be exact)
More detailed info to come next week...


I would LOVE to hear from you! :)