July 16, 2013

We're Back!

   Ok Technically we got back SUPER late last Sunday the 7th but I spent the ENTIRE week last week washing EVERYTHING! I am bearly starting to get back to my old routine and I thought I'd just stop by and update you all. We had a lovely time in Omaha. The weather over there is just PERFECT! I have a ton of pics I posted on my personal facebook but I'll share just this one here on my blog because I don't feel like uploading them all again on here! 
   Anywho, we were in Omaha for our Bi-annual church conference. The week went by SUPER fast! We had a great time, learned so much & met some wonderful people. Little Sarah ended up in the hospital one night because she was having trouble breathing but thankfully she is doing well and it was nothing serious. 
   We went to the zoo in Omaha! It was beautiful but we didn't get to see it all! I am missing the weather for sure. You could actually be outside and enjoy the zoo unlike here in TX where you step outside and you're already sweatin'. 

I will be blogging on and off from now until Josh goes back to school!
 (I can't believe it's almost 'BACK TO SCHOOL' time again!) 
Hope you are all having a lovely Summer!


  1. Beautiful photos ! :) Please follow me colorfulthoughts

  2. Aw you could have driven 3 hours north to meet me! Glad you had a great trip :)

  3. You were in my part of the country too! :) I LOVE the Omaha zoo! I think it is my favorite! I haven't been back to visit for a few years and keep telling DH we need to make the drive one of these days before our kiddos are too old! :)

    So glad you had a nice trip and that your daughter's scare was nothing too scary! Enjoy the rest of your summer! School will be starting before we know it!!!

  4. Oh why is there always sooo much washing when you get back from anywhere - seems so unfair to ruin such a lovely time with a week of laundry :-(

    So looking forward to the house tour - Alice @ Mums Make Lists x


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