June 19, 2013

On getting married young...

    Those of you who know me know I got married young. I mean REALLY young. I was 17 about to be 18. I'm sure you're thinking "What?! Was she pregnant?" That's what many people thought. Just to be clear... I was not. We didn't have our first baby (Joshua) until I was 19. So you might be asking yourself now "Well why did you do it?!" Why does anyone get married? Because you love the person! You can't imagine the rest of your life without them! For those reasons I got married. You might say "Well what does a 17 year old know about love?"
 I'm not saying marrying young is for everyone but I DON'T regret it. Sure I was young and maybe still a little immature but I know Omar and I were brought together by God. Our marriage hasn't been easy. We've had some rough patches like any marriage, mostly because of me. I've had to do some growing up while being married. I don't think the same way I did when I was 17 which is good. I am not perfect and neither is our marriage but despite those rough patches we are still together and I know it's only because of God. I am VERY thankful for my husband and for our three kids. Many times I think "I don't deserve them, any of them." It's there when I see God's beautiful grace.
 I remember all of those judgemental comments from people when they found out we were getting married. Sadly some of those were from family. Marrying young is not for everyone but it was right for us. I am now 25 turning 26 this year, Today is our EIGTH anniversary and we have a total of 3 kiddos :)
 I feel like God is working with me each and everyday. I still have LOTS of maturing to do. God never stops working in us. We live.. we learn. We go through tough times in order to really appreciate God's blessings. I wish I could go back and change a couple things here and there but NEVER do I regret marrying my husband. I have hurt him and I have not always been the wife he deserves but he is a WONDERFUL man and I see that now more than ever. I don't ever want to loose him and I don't ever want to forget that he is the one I would pray for. He is the blessing God gave me and I need to take care of that blessing along with the three other little blessings we share :)


  1. Hi there. I stumbled onto your blog from young house love's posting of your shared nursery. So cute by the way :)

    As for getting married young, I jumped into the same boat. I married my husband a month after I graduated high school (at 18). We're actually celebrating 4 years tomorrow! And I agree with all your comments on marrying young: it's not for everyone but if it's God's timing, then it's right for you. Also the growing. My attitudes about marriage and relationships have been challenged and changed.God uses my marriage to make me more like Him. Anywho, God bless you, your husband, and family.

    I'm sure I'll be reading more often :)

  2. Another one who came over from Young House Love. :)

    I married young too, 2.5 months after we graduated high school, and our pastor who was marring us just assumed I was pregnant at the time (I wasn't). We also have 3 kids now, and we will be celebrating 13 years this summer.
    Happy anniversary to you! It's so fun to come across other cupels took a similar path as us. :)

  3. Awww!!! Cindy! Awesome post! I have been MIA (excluding a few posts on IG) but I just went through and caught up on your blog. I need to head over to mine and get to gettin'... ;)

    I must say that our stories are very similar... I just realized that we're a year or so apart in age! I too got married young (and caused some hiccups because of my immaturity) but PRAISE GOD for His grace and a patient, loving husband!!! :)

    We got pregnant on our honeymoon and we were SOOOO excited. As I shared the news with my family I cringed at the remarks and facial expressions we received. I realized that they assumed I was pregnant all along. That really hurt because my husband and I abstained from sex our entire courtship. Unfortunately, we miscarried and my family felt horrible for the way they treated us. In fact they took it harder than we did. Although it was emotionally painful, we chose to rest in God's sovereignty! I assured them that they were forgiven and that we loved them all the same! A year later we had a beautiful, healthy baby girl!!! :D

    As you know, we're currently expecting baby #2!! (YAAAYYY!!) Needless to say, we're SUPER hyped about it!

    Keep the posts coming- I enjoy reading them! Happy Anniversary! And... I didn't see the freebie Friday post for June! ;)


  4. Happy anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and have been together for 12 years, I too got married at 17 and had my first child at 19. I love my husband more today, than I did then, we grew up together and I don't think I would ever change that. I also got a lot bad comments and remarks, but I learned to just live my life the way I see fit and benefits my family. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!!!! I met my husband when I was 16, he was 17. We dated until he served a mission at 19. He came back 2 years later and we were married a week after I turned 21. I know that's not THAT young, but since we met young and hadn't "experienced the world" we got a lot of comments. I do not regret marrying him one iota! We've been married 12 years and have 4 children. I love him now more than ever.

    I think people who wait to "find themselves" first before marrying are just making the chance of divorce higher. We need to learn and grow together to keep our marriages strong.

    I thank Heavenly Father for his grace and all his blessings that I don't feel worthy of. And a strong, happy family is the best of all.

    Congratulations to you and your husband for weathering through the tough times and not giving up. Keep up the good work!


  6. aww cindy is the first tim reaing your blogs its awesome!!(:
    i really got touch by the one you getting maried so young!
    as yuh know my mom has talk to your dad of me getting merried next summer! im happy because i feel like God has put my bf in my life but scared that i havent mature lo sfisiente para poder casarme! im afraid to do things wrong! & not treat him like im supos to :( im sure i do love him like you said getting married young its not for everyone but ii feel like its for me!

    well wish yuh the best God bless yall!
    & keep posting those amaizing blogs! ii think its a big insperation ! <3

  7. Can't believe I JUST read this post, Cindy! I love this, had no idea you married so young! Love how you talked about your husband and how he is such an undeserved blessing. I too can give my hubby such a hard time. A good reminder that these are the men that we prayed for and that God blessed us with! Thanks for that. :)


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