June 14, 2013

Revolt - Week Two

You can find WEEK ONE of my REVOLT here.

The meals this week were good at first but I quickly got tired of them. I guess it has to do with re-heated food more than the actual food. I can't stand leftover or re-heated food. I like my food fresh so this week was tough since I prepared everything Sunday for this week. I LOVED the sweet potato hash! That I didn't care if it was re-heated or not! I will be honest, on tuesday night we ate tostadas because we have small groups (church gatherings) during the week and I felt bad saying no when they served me so I ate! Also yesterday was my hubby's birthday and we went to eat BBQ and I ate a little more than I should have. I followed the meal plan fully on Monday and then every other day I ate something I shouldn't have. So on Monday for breakfast I had sweet potato hash with scrambled egg. For lunch it was a turkey patty, potatoes rustica and avocado slices. For dinner it was hot mama chicken with salad and broccoli. To be honest with you I enjoyed "detox" week a little more! 

I worked out twice this week. I worked my lower body. I wanted to do tabatas but didn't get a chance to this week. I will try to do that today. I was SUPER SORE from the lower body work out this week but it felt good! 

                                WEEK ONE                               WEEK TWO                            CHANGE

WEIGHT                    148 lbs                                       145 lbs                                    -3 lbs

NECK                        13.5 in.                                       13.5 in                                     0

CHEST                        34 in.                                           34 in.                                     0

WAIST                         30 in.                                           29 in.                                   -1 in.                                    
HIPS                            40 in.                                           39.5 in.                                 -.5 in.

THIGH                         24.5 in.                                          23.5 in.                               -1in    

CALVES                      14 in.                                           14 in.                                     0

I reached my goal of 145 from last week! That's awesome but I am terrified of gaining those 3lbs I lost this weekend. It's Father's day and our Anniversary is next Wednesday so we will be doing some eating to celebrate! I do notice a BIG difference in how my clothes fit. I feel lighter! I still would like to loose 10 more pounds but I'm gonna take it slow and try to do work outs from now until the end of the uprising this month and just watch my diet but not follow it 100% because I am breastfeeding and I don't want to lower my supply. I mainly just want to tone up now and if I loose 5-10 more lbs that would be AWESOME! We will be going out of town the first week of July so I just want to finish this Uprising and then just do work outs from then on as well to maintain my weight.

If you have been wanting to loose weight but just can't seem to you should totally try REVOLT! I've already shared it with people who have commented that I look thinner. It REALLY does work if you follow it through. You just need to get off your butt and try it! If you're not ready to pay why don't you try the FREE KICKSTART and see if you like it! If you do you can sign up HERE. Then we can loose weight together!

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