June 11, 2013

Keeping Kids Busy During Summer

   Summer is here! That means vacations, beach trips, pool time & lots more but what about the days you are home and your kids say "I'm bored!"? I knew things would get crazy up in here when my son Joshua got out of school and if we didn't have some sort of schedule the kids would end up fighting or complaining that they were bored! So I created a schedule for them that includes reading time, work time and even tv & play time....
Thursday's are "FIELD TRIP THURSDAYS" were we get to go to either the library, the water fountains, the park or pump it up (inflatables place). They have to earn "Field Trip Thursday" so I use this awesome little app I found called BEEP &  BOOP to help keep track of their behavior...
 I love this app! You can upload a picture of your child and if they behave you click the "BEEP" button and a list will come up of reasons why they got a "BEEP", you can even add your own! Same thing if they misbehave you can push the "BOOP" and a list will come up. There's a funny little noise for each of the buttons and the kids love it! You can make a GOAL so that motivates them to behave. Our goal is "FIELD TRIP THURSDAY". Both the Schedule & this App are TOTALLY WORKING! We just started this week and it's going AWESOME! Just last week the kids were CRAZY! There was no schedule so they kept saying they were bored or that they wanted to watch a movie and kept asking for snacks. I hung our schedule in the dinning room where they can see it so they can check the time and know what is next. Here are the kids during "WORK/ACTIVITY" time and you can see the schedule on the wall under the mirror...
(sorry about the grainy pic, I took this with my phone)

If you don't have a schedule for your kids I totally recommend it! I created a black schedule for ya'll in case you don't have one already...
(just click on the pic above and save to your desktop)

How do you make summers work for you and your kiddos? Do you have any fun plans this summer?

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  1. Love this, Cindy! I too have found that my kids need some sort of schedule in the summers or they (& I) go crazy! :)


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