June 7, 2013

Revolt - Week One

Week one of REVOLT has been AWESOME! I am REALLY liking this program so far! 

This week we did the "DETOX" meal plan which included 5 meals in total. I have been doing 3 meals though because I didn't prepare my foods on Sunday for the whole week like I should've had and I have a million things to do plus my son got out of school this week so I have ALL THREE KIDS with me ALL OF THE TIME but I'm setting up a schedule for next week so I have time to do it all. I LOVE all of the meals though! I substituted the Sirloin for Salmon because I don't like meat that much. I am very much looking forward to Saturday which is the day off for the diet part! I want to drink some sweet tea & have dessert! I am nursing so I did notice a difference in my milk supply so I started eating bigger portions of each of the foods for each meal and It seems to be helping! Here are two instagram pictures of my meals this week...
I haven't done any of the work outs this week. I did however walk/jog 3 days this week which I think is perfect for me since I haven't done any type of exercize in a while! I plan on starting the work outs next week. I'm excited! I feel a little sore today (nothing too bad) from last nights walk/jog. I used 3lbs weights while walking and it really helped me work my arm muscles while working my legs.

I don't have a bodyfat caliper which is required so I can't do that but I will start with weight and measurements until I purchase one.

                                 BEFORE                                 WEEK ONE                             CHANGE

WEIGHT                    153 lbs                                       148 lbs                                    -5 lbs

NECK                        13.5 in.                                       13.5 in                                     0

CHEST                        35 in.                                           34 in.                                   -1 in.

WAIST                         31 in.                                           30 in.                                   -1 in.                                    
HIPS                            41 in.                                           40 in.                                   -1 in.

THIGH                         25 in.                                          24.5 in.                                 -.5in    

CALVES                      14 in.                                           14 in.                                    0

I can't believe I lost 5lbs this week! I was 153 on Monday! I know breastfeeding helped as well since you loose calories nursing but it mainly has to do with what I ate & getting off my butt to at least walk! Last week was draining, I felt tired, I would just sit on the couch feeling sleepy after eating. This week has been awesome! I have a lot more energy and I feel good! I took some before pictures this week and let me tell you, they're not pretty! lol They really are motivating me so that my after pictures for the end of this month are better! I will be sharing those the last Friday of this month. I can't wait for tomorrow! Tomorrow is my day off from my diet. Even though it's a day off I want to watch what I eat! I have actually been craving a chick fil a salad with avocado lime ranch so that's not too bad! I also want some sweet tea & a cookie! :) I already printed out my diet for next week along with the recipes and I'm so excited! Everything looks delicious! I will be meal prepping Sunday. I will also begin the workouts next week so I'm excited about that as well! My goal is to weight 145lbs by the end of next week! 

If you have been wanting to loose weight but just can't seem to you should totally try REVOLT! We can do it together! If you're not ready to pay why don't you try the FREE KICKSTART and see if you like it! If you do you can sign up HERE. Then we can loose weight together!

We have our Stubb's BBQ Winners!!
(I will be e-mailing you!)


  1. Amazing I didn't take a picture of my foods but next can I have you cook my detox :)

  2. You're doing great! This was my first week with the program, and I'm really loving it too--down 4 pounds! I forgot to measure myself...will have to do that today!

  3. What is revolt? and How do I get this plan started? :)


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