August 8, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Living Room

You can find more info on the AS IS Home Tour here and our schedule here.

Our living room is the one room I've been itching to makeover. There has been a couple of improvements but it's not done. I feel it needs color and life. I don't even have a coffee table! I have never owned one and feel I never will. So Levi is the color and life in this room at the moment...
Our old tv was hanging on top of the fireplace which is why you see a hole behind that screen. The holes in the wall were patched up a while back but we never painted over them. There is plexi glass on the fireplace that broke which is why the pillows are there so that it won't fall (not so much for decoration)...
My husband built these awesome shelves in the beginning of this year...
It's the only thing I LOVE about this room!!
...and that is our living room! Now it's your turn! Join me and link up to any or all of the linky parties this week. I will be featuring your posts next week! 

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  1. Thanks for the invite, Cindy! Just linked up my latest update to my living room. Your little model brightens up the room, lovely!

  2. Those shelves are amazing! Love it!

  3. Shelves are crazy good. Love how much character they add to the space. Love the AS IS idea!


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