August 9, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Dining Room

You can find more info on the AS IS Home Tour here and our schedule here.

Our Dining Room is not that big. It's got a weird separating half wall between it and the living room which is where my husband built those awesome shelves. 
Our son Joshua loves music so we purchased this keyboard for him. He took a couple piano lessons and I'm not saying this just because he's my son but he's actually really good for a six year old. 
I'm not totally in love with our dining room but I don't hate it either. Your turn to link up and show me your dining room!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have been following me along on this home tour and to those who have linked up: YOU ARE AWESOME! :) Don't forget to link up if you haven't! I will be featuring your posts next week on my blog! Linky parties are open until August 15th so you have some time to write up some posts and link up!  

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