August 10, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Laundry/Closets

You can find more info on the AS IS Home Tour here and our schedule here.

I only have TWO pictures to show for today as I have written posts on these rooms before. OK I totally forgot to take pics of these so I'm using old ones. SORRY friends! So here is our Laundry Room...
You can find the post on this room here.

and here is our Hallway Coat Closet...
You can find the post for this closet here.

Your turn! Please link up any posts about your laundry room & closets. I can't wait to show you the final room in our home! It's the one we worked hard on all last year and although it's not 100% done I'm totally in love with it! Our kitchen up on my blog tomorrow!!! 

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  1. I really love the wallpapered closet. So cute!

  2. Sooooorry I don't have a laundry room :(
    But I shared how I organized my closet :)


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