August 15, 2013

Sponsor Me?

 A while back I wrote this post about why I wasn't offering sponsorship anymore on my blog. Well a couple months have gone by and I miss it! I miss supporting other blogs and small businesses! I miss you guys! I added the SPONSOR page back up and decided that ALL money received from sponsorship will go towards sponsoring other blogs! It's a WIN-WIN people! Also next month for my B-DAY I'm having a HUGE group giveaway so there will be tons more traffic around my little ole blog which means there will be more traffic for my sponsors as well. Oh and if you'd like to participate in the HUGE group giveaway shoot me an e-mail!

   So would you pretty please make my sidebar look prettier and sponsor me by adding your button? From now until the end of the month I'm having a HALF OFF sale! You can use code: CINSARAH50 when checking out and it will bring your total to just $5! 

Oh and if this picture of Levi crying doesn't convince you 
to sponsor me then something is wrong with you! (kidding!....sort of)

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  1. Hey I'd like to know more about this group giveaway. Can you give me some info at

    Levi is so cute!!! haha!


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