August 5, 2013

AS IS Home Tour - Exterior

You can find more info on the AS IS Home Tour here and our schedule here.
  Welcome to my home! Let's start off the home tour by showing you the exterior. This is our little red brick house. We purchased this home back in 2005 and it was a foreclosure so we got it for a great price. To be honest with you I don't like red brick homes but our little red brick home has grown on me. 

We had some termite damage on this wall so there's some of the siding that has rotted because of it....
As you can see the outside of our home needs some serious TLC! 
I would love to do the following to add curb appeal:
-new door (maybe a colored door)
-change the lighting
-new outdoor mat
-fill flower pots with pretty plants
So that's our home exterior! A bit embarrasing but it is what it is. What does your home look like? I would love for you to link up and share your home with me! You can find the schedule of my AS IS home tour here. You are welcome to link past posts as well. As long as your post includes photos of your home exterior. 

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  1. Cindy, that is very awesome of you to do this and share your home, I really would like to do this, I'm a little scared because my home is not in great shape, the renovation and all that needs to be done has been piling up for years since my children have been born. But it is a great motivator to make my home more of a priority!
    I think I will join you in this!
    I'm scared but I will try!


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